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  1. Dude i have been here for the past 5 minutes trying to remember what your old username was... What was it?

  2. Lol idek what to say.

    You will forever be my MC bro. <3 In case anyone finds a server to play on heres my email Still ಥ_ಥ about this...
  3. Lol idek what to say.

    Three years ago I logged on here when spawn was trash. I got kicked at least twice a day for spamming and annoying Ted. I was an asshole living 100 blocks from spawn, getting annihilated by Raven's Crest. Then eventually moving far out enough and getting super powerful, making both allies and enemies. I became an even bigger asshole; I made a book with everyone's coordinates and sold it. Blah blah blah... Server gets DDoSed and I find out the private temp IP and I play on there everyday while Ted keeps me company while he is at work through console. Server comes back on... IM RICH. I have many allies, I become a nicer and more generous player. I get bored, stop playing for a few months... MC gets updated, new server. I play for a while, stop playing, start playing again, stop playing, start playing, stop playing. (School is really killing me lol sophomore taking college classes trying to get into Westpoint) but dude I really don't understand how the fucking fuck, just logging on here for old times sake and hearing this can make me so ಥ_ಥ. I mean I wasn't even playing because of how busy I was... Like honestly, I am going to miss everyone. Everyone who ever killed me, everyone who I have ever killed, every spawn camper, every abusive admin (I love you adrian and fgds), every admin who had to put up with me (I love you Ted and Dub <3) Dude literally I don't know any of you and Ima miss all of you just from virtual memories.... I hope you ALLLL do SUPER great in life. Nothing but AMAZING memories from this server <333333
  4. The Server is Resetting???

    The server is full of duped crap. I am surprised that even some of my allies were caught duping. I do not find the point in duplicating a multitude items on a survival server. "If you are gonna dupe, just go play on a creative server" - an admin. I strongly agree with that statement. I am not saying the server should be reset because someone duped a stack of diamond blocks. But there are nations/players abusing duplication and have a double chest of every item. Where's the fun in that?
  5. The Server is Resetting???

    I am surprised that so many voted no... :/
  6. I myself do not disagree with a reset. However, I believe the problem has to be stopped so that no one else can ever dupe items. Otherwise, the problem will recommence on the other server.
  7. Beautiful screenshots

    Tb to when Maddie was Lierskank
  8. The Divedend Recruits Members!

    You guys do not seemed organized. Um... I also recommend you don't beg people to join your base... With that said good luck.
  9. Moles found, No more Moles

    "Utilize a proxy to imitate IP" Sounds very similar to what Sthepker said to me in-game when I accused him. Also you found my old base because I gave you the coords. Find my current base Sthepker.
  10. Moles found, No more Moles

    While I do not appreciate secrecy, I believe what I have done justifies it. I private messaged the MoleLeader my old base coords as seen in this image: So I log on as my alt which was located at my old base and I see a player by the name "Blagob" Many other players saw me kill him too. What he did to my old base: And Blagob at my base: He then goes on and admits he was an alt of the Mole. But not the real account. As seen here: ^^ Blagob admitting that he is one of the alts but that he wouldn't give it away so easily. So the Moles after all have been pretty smart. But everyone makes a mistake. And here was theirs. So I got thinking and got his IP and compared it with other players on the server. The Mole People is not a group. The Moles have caused enough commotion. The Moles are not some great superpower. The matching Ip was Sthepker...
  11. Impostors, Moles, and the struggle for Supremacy

    Grief me pls. I really wanna move.
  12. Impostors, Moles, and the struggle for Supremacy

    @screqm Congratulations. You accomplished yourself being on a wanted list and accomplished nothing for the server.
  13. Impostors, Moles, and the struggle for Supremacy

    If what you claim about having NR and DPRM members in your Mole Nation is true, are you also claiming them as traitors to their original nations?
  14. Mole Attack!

    1. KevFer


      Stfu you're the fakest thing there is.

  15. UN

    Yet it says you voted yes...