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    lmao is this a joke

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  1. #Green4Admin2016

    ​damn you go girl
  2. Two Suggestions

    ​The concept of teleportation is now pretty much obsolete in the Vanilla server. Setting flight to true would probably result in chunks being loaded faster, resulting in lag. Would probably also open up other opportunities for players to exploit flight. ​Green's comments on the flight aspect are correct, however the random tp will remain as is to encourage players to explore and venture themselves. This random tp is just to give you players a small headstart into their journey.
  3. Spawnkillers + Pretending to be Owner

    I'll look into this
  4. MahoHaku's MC fabulizing Resource Pack (WIP)

    That's so sick, Maho. 10/10.
  5. AshMan_Gaming and MadeMinecraft - Spamming

    MadeMinecraft and Ashman_Gaming have been banned for spamming. Regarding your "does an admin read this" comment, yes we clearly do. However we've all got lives and jobs and we don't prioritize an immature player spamming the server. Thank you for the report.
  6. Agamer64

    To report abuse, please follow the guidelines set forth in this post.
  7. furballphilip and Naomboy123 spamming

    James_99999, furballphillip, and Noamboy123 have been banned for spamming. Thank you for the report.
  8. Spawn Killer

    Thank you for the report. I cannot ban for solely spawn killing, however I will keep an eye out for him next time.
  9. JM84

    Screenshots would be beneficial.. Try giving us a detailed report by following the Reporting Guidelines found here.
  10. Agamer64 and T_REX_07 spawnkilling

    Thanks for reporting this, but spawn killing is not something that results in a ban. The most we can do is clear their inventories or kick them a few times just as a slap on the wrist.
  11. More spam..

    Emanuele2006x and danielfomen have been banned for spamming. Thank you for reporting.
  12. Spammers

    GabenPlsBeNice, Alex_and_Jacob, DonaldDuckuxus, and AshlandGaming have all been banned for spamming. Thank you for posting this and letting us know, Green.
  13. Spam

    Caskey and MrPunchy have been banned.
  14. Banned?? For saying merry christmas???

    Thought I'll chime in and say that I banned you because, when I joined the server, you were spamming text-based images of what seemed to be a pyramid. I didn't see 'Merry Christmas' and even if I did, it would constitute a ban because it's still spam.
  15. Map Reset - READ ME!

    It will be running on the domain of with Spigot to repel any lag. At one point in the near future yes, it will be available for public download.