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  1. Commandblocks with /weather clear

    Roger, I have replaced the command block & attached it to the system that keeps the resistance at spawn, so it's constantly being activated. Thank-you for the heads up on this potential issue.
  2. To PeriHeika and Zefreakinrican

    KingBowser, Why would you do this? Baltimorecalling was a fantastic member of our server. This messages isn't just for you but people need to grow the fuck up.
  3. Current Server Downtime 2015/01/18

    Well this blows... Dub & Nak i won't waste your time with far-fetched or unrealistic ideas for a solution but just trust in the fact you'll get it sorted.
  4. KingBowser24's Embassy

    This my latest build, It's meant to be a Village but I keep having Zombie intruders.
  5. Unluckytheo has OP Armor

    Dude if i had Op armour you would have died from the thorns., I mean unless you have Op armour too? Now grow the fuck up and stop this shit. Do I do anything negative to the server ? No, Do I spawn kill? No. So why the need for this post?
  6. KingBowser24's Embassy

    Look's really good King, Keep up the great work.. A much more positive way of playing minecraft rather than griefing and hacking.