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  1. Some guy advertising... [MUST READ]

    If he's not an idiot, he can just disable command blocks via
  2. Map Reset - READ ME!

    I think a comprehensive reset will be good for your community, anyway. The old server was constantly having issues with old school op weapons, and other creative player made equipment. A re-focus on a survival-only map would be a welcome change. I've found nothing but issues with having creative players play along side survival players.
  3. Map Reset - READ ME!

    ​Someone would have to download the new jar, dump the old map, and start the server. Or just start a new Multicraft server instance, point the DNS there, and change the port of the old server to a different port, create the "old" subdomain and use SRV to point it at the old server instance...or just assign it a failover IP. Either way, not to long to do any of that. 15 minutes or so to complete the migration. Less time to get the 1.9 fresh map going.
  4. Map Reset - READ ME!

    I would love a copy of the region files for Hydra's base for perusing in a single player world, if it's not too much trouble. It's still one of the coolest builds I've ever seen.
  5. Unobtainable Enchantments on a Sword

    Hahahahahahahaha. Some menacing enchants right there. He'll kill us all!
  6. Current Server Downtime 2015/01/18

    Any word at all on when we're be "officially" up again? It's been quite a while. Makes me worry.
  7. Minecraft username changes are out!

    I also changed mine. Former: Baltimorecalling Current: BaltimoreCalling
  8. Current Server Downtime 2015/01/18

    On my server I have a no hacking policy, but the latest snapshot of NoCheatPlus is buggy. Because Bukkit was DMCA'd, the plugins are not being updated as quickly. But, this should change as more server owners switch to Spigot 1.8, and no other DMCA takedowns of Spigot occur.
  9. Current Server Downtime 2015/01/18

    I've heard nothing. The server is intact, though.
  10. Current Server Downtime 2015/01/18

    eh? What? They were taken away?
  11. Current Server Downtime 2015/01/18

    I rememeber the time when he was spawnkilling, then he combat logged and we covered his logout position with lava. Priceless. But those were my pre-admin days.
  12. Current Server Downtime 2015/01/18

    Brazzy, an appeal should get you cleared in no time.
  13. kevinrocks786

    The foxy thieves.
  14. BaltimoreCalling And other admins are constantly abusing.

    Everyone hop aboard the abuse caboose.
  15. Current Server Downtime 2015/01/18

    The host I use has 100 GB/S Ddos protection included. Right now their servers are probably too low end specs wise for Viper's lair, but I know they're about offer a Dedicated Thread on 3.4 GHZ Xeon box soon. If that's at all interesting, I could inquire more about it.