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  1. Youtubers on the server!

    I Spy Plenty of n00bs Let me know when u start playing with the big boys
  2. Scattering command block/resistance beacon back at spawn

    make the scatter scatter them within 3000 blocks any more than that and you start getting bases
  3. Mod applications?

    too bad you guys are never on the snapshot server cause I am the most active person on there and when i welcome new player to the server they think I am staff. And i have made videogames before owned my own server and had a website for it
  4. Best grief ever

    words cannot describe these photos of a base i found on the snapshot vipercraft server. nothing can this one is of my new base im building with the stuff
  5. No Op items

    Sharpness V looting III unbreaking IV Fire aspect II knockback II
  6. No Op items

    Yes but it took me hours to make just an op sword using enchanted books and ur telling me i cant use it
  7. Follow this topic for information about upcoming events. Minecraftia also known as minecraftia republic of crafters is a republic based in the snapshot server on vipercraft. want to join comment your name below. you are more likely to get in if you add your skype name also. already a citizen? Just follow the forums for info about the latest grief elections building projects and much more see the griefing team needed post for more info.
  8. No creative

    yes but still some people don't have an account on the formus and so they cant report them why not just get rid of the problem all together
  9. Yolo

    double chest of diamond blocks notch apples god armor and all legit good tools averything almost in the game so yea im rich
  10. No creative

    My opinion is obvious
  11. No creative

    So if you want creative removed say I and if you don't want it removed say no
  12. No creative

    It's apparent that many people dislike the op items in the game. Also many people dislike getting griefed by a creative donor. Even worse there is now no other way to get creative. So the few people who spend hours on the vanilla or the snapshot have to deal with people that can crash your game and then kill you before you auto disconnect. It would help gameplay and make it a legit survival server if creative was removed. Some items crash your game but some crash the server for a day and other times crash it for as long as two days ex: today. All I ask is to make everyone equal and the only difference is how much effort you put into the game. Not that you donated a year ago and now can join for the fist time and kill everyone. Also if creative was removed there would be no confusion between creative items and survival items they would always be survival items. Also as for the creative items now leave them people will eventually run out.
  13. Server Derpage

    Yea this is a griefers dream so I really want to get on
  14. No Op items

    Well how would a admin and staff know the difference between survival and creatively obtained
  15. Yolo

    Nah I've got a chest full of diamonds I'm good