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  1. New FTB Server Ideas

    Shit posting is real.
  2. New FTB Server Ideas

    Hello everybody. The Vipers Lair admins have been contemplating about switching minecraft mod packs.This means we will be switching maps, so all previous builds and machines will be gone forever. Because of the growing FTB community, we have decided to give the forums a say in what they expect and want from the server. Our current plans are to use the Crack Pack provided by the ATLauncher. We will be adding a few of our own mods to the list (as long as they are stable and wont effect gameplay) such as Flans Mod, which will add 3d guns, armor, and vehicles to the pack, and MineHeli, which adds 3d aircraft to the game. These mods are being added to support the idea of a more PVP based server. With 2-4 teams who's motive is to beat each other at weekly/monthly challenges to receive basic rewards. It can also be a search and destroy style of gameplay, given what the community wants. Now its time for your opinion. Everything stated above is not final. Its just ideas the admins have had to make the server more interesting and last long. Every bit of information can be changed to the community's standards. Basic Questions: What modpack should we use? What mods should we add? (If they are compatible with other mods) What mods should we disable? What should the goal of the server be? (Survival. Search and Destroy. Challenges. Other) Do you have any other ideas for the server? Thanks for your opinions
  3. Tedonculous clears my inventory for killing someone

    You got off easy, you're lucky he didn't put you in the box of shame and let you rot.
  4. Server Derpage

    Haha, i have really done much besides tell what other players what I've heard. Nak, Dub and PPC are da real MVP's
  5. Budsta kills a defenseless survival player in creative after griefing my base. http://imgur.com/dhaJ7li GG budsta