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    I like playing minecraft, Brütal legend, listening to heavy metal and breaking strings on my ibanez. My much more expensive Gibson 60's tribute sucks, because it's WHITE!

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  1. Suggestions+wtf encounter

    Only noobs need hacks. Either play straight or get singleplayer mods. Noob This topic is in 2 separate parts. Please include in the comments which part you are commenting on.
  2. Suggestions+wtf encounter

    This topic is in 2 separate parts. Please include in the comments which part you are commenting on. Suggestions Most people on the server are after vanilla experience and gameplay, not vanilla server jar. All i'm saying is it wouldnt harm anyone(except hacking noobs) if you added things like NoCheatPlus that dont affect normal gameplay. You could potentially lose a few hackers, but when they are gone normal players can join and play without being afraid of getting trolled with KillAura, Xray, BaseFinder, Crits etc. Weird Stuff Encounter @spawn, what's up with that? I was alone on the server earlier, and went to spawn. There i saw this strange thing in the sky, that looked like an enchanted beacon fallingSand, and an enchanted lily pad. So i tried to kill it, and it worked. Sadly it didnt drop those items, so i dont know what those items were. Reduced size screenies below. WTF=Welcome To Finland
  3. Epic pvp arena

    The global spawn point is set with /setworldspawn (in vanilla 1.8) But if we move that, spawn will be left unprotected. Yay it's my 100th post!
  4. Music

    And here are some songs i like. In the order of most played the past month (i love shuffle so the list is not perfect): These are not the most popular songs the artists have made but some of the best. Black Sabbath - Children of the Grave Bad Religion - American Jesus Slayer - Haunting the Chapel Mastodon - The Ghost of Karelia Black Sabbath - Symptom of the Universe Iron Maiden - Phantom of the Opera Super Quest - Cold Side of the Flame Black Sabbath - War Pigs Iron Maiden - Afraid To Shoot Strangers Coroner - Skeleton On Your Shoulders (1,2....3 Sabbath songs...)
  5. Music

    Well you pretty much stole my list. m/
  6. NotchesDick Raid

    If this server was whitelist it would be 100X more awesome.
  7. Users spamming .tps?

    About being OP:ed: i wouldnt even like to be an admin. Suddenly you have access to any item in the game via commands, and fun is ruined. Then you have to ban dicks all the time and constantly answer random questions from people. Message to HelterSkelter/Fleadick: just my opinion, leave it alone. Efilnikufesin.
  8. Questions and answers

    Nobody is forced to read this, just in case you thought you were, dumbasses! Just because PeriHeika told us: This is just straight Q&A, none of that attention-harrassing BS. I'd like to hopefully finally actually possibly get some answers on these questions. I hope this will be the final post i have to make for this subject. All i want is answers. You can post legit comments(no gifs/memes please), but spamming or locking/deleting is NOT COOL. 1. Here is my situation: I cannot use PM (which i like to use to communicate with my friends on the server) gentleplatypus says i haven't got any restrictions on my account. Btw, i am forced to post everything in other posts, because if i create a topic Helter(or somebody) automatically locks it. Please don't. Its ok to lock outdated posts or plain spam, but not legit posts. But when i try to view my profile i get this message: and my bar thingy at the bottom of the page looks kinda like this: haxel666 / [Notice the lack of Messenger Area] [big Notifications Globe] [sign Out] So: What's up with that? Has anybody else got these problems? Can it be fixed? 2. How long until the main server will be back up? C: Then let's forget about this mess and be friends.
  9. Current Server Downtime 2015/01/18

    STOP IT WITH THE DELETING, REPLY TO MY POSTS INSTEAD OF DELETING THEM! Firstly, my PM is disabled so i cant PM an admin about this. UNLESS YOU ARE ONE, YOU DONT NEED TO READ THIS. There, now nobody can accuse me of spam. Now here is what i need to tell you. 1. I need my PM service back. What damage could i possibly do to anybody in PM?(There is even an ignore feature) 2.Tell me why i need any forum permissions removed AT ALL, and i want exact references to posts i have made that you thought were bannable. 3.I feel like i need to say this all the time, but it's FREE SPEECH, and thats why you shouldnt delete ANY posts (that have a meaning in them), instead reply to any posts you were offended by and tell the person they are an asshole.
  10. Current Server Downtime 2015/01/18

    Nobody has yet told me why i need to have posting rights taken away. (I want exact references to the posts, and instead of deleting my posts, reply to them.) (Anyone seen The Spanish Inquisition by Monty Python? Look it up on YouTube.)
  11. Current Server Downtime 2015/01/18

    Im sure its helter. Hope i dont get banned for this. I shouldnt, because of free speech, helter!
  12. Current Server Downtime 2015/01/18

    Congrats on the hundreth(?) reply!
  13. Off-topic Topic

    And if this topic gets locked, that proves that someone should not be an admin. "Anything and everything, as long as it's not illegal."
  14. Off-topic Topic

    It says anything is allowed in the general forums as long as it's not illegal. That would make this topic unnecesary, but since mods enjoy locking topics for no reason i guess this is ok.
  15. Current Server Downtime 2015/01/18

    You need to... Shut... The... Fuck... Up...