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  1. little bit of both i think :^) i'm 5'1" but it was also a big a$$ chair. that's why my legs look so weird
  2. Mad Queen* Maddie hi guys i watch achievement hunter and went to rtx where they had this throne so obviously i had to take a picture
  3. why is there a topic about religion on the forums i'm triggered In all seriousness, growing up in the Bible Belt I can confirm that religion is drilled into your head from birth. I can't remember a time my parents didn't take me to church. For a long time I really did think Christianity was the only way to live my life and the only way to be a good person- all because of the way I grew up. I started veering away from my church (basically I stopped going to my youth group) in around sixth or seventh grade because it seemed like no one could come up with a reason for the things they were preaching besides, "Well, that's what the Bible says." Not to mention most of the things dictated in the Bible aren't actually practiced in modern Christianity (hmmmmmm). Christianity- especially Southern Baptist, the biggest denomination down here- is GENERALLY very hypocritical. Emphasis on generally. I don't think my lack of religion is based on non-faith, but on the fact that I pretty much hate everything I've seen from people that are a part of the church. I believe in God. I don't know if I believe in the Bible and the other aspects of the Christian faith but I do like to think there's something bigger than me. I hate to use this very white-girl term, but I guess I'm not religious, I'm spiritual.
  4. get a real pet
  5. I told you we were adding to the duping rule for future clarification. It wasn't intended to justify the admins' actions regarding your situation, but since you would not accept the other rule about inappropriate behavior. I did not create the rule about admins deeming behavior inappropriate, but I did state that rule in the chat last night. Like I said, I will admit that we did wrong by creating holes in your base, but I do feel we were justified in getting rid of items, especially after you clarified they were duped by solomon_ears.
  6. Disregard our new "shiny rule" (possession of duped items, which I added yesterday with the agreement of Ted and Dub) for the moment. Regardless of whether the rules state that having duped items is a bannable offense, you're completely forgetting the fact that the last rule of the Vanilla server was already in place. The admins are allowed to deem behavior inappropriate, whatever the case. I really am sorry that we put holes in your base in the process of getting rid of items we have good reason to believe were duped. To my knowledge, they're fixed now.
  7. O-k. Christ. And I thought I was bitchy.
  8. More like
  9. To my knowledge there hasn't been any talk about a map reset since we updated to 1.9. I'm of the same opinion of the previously mentioned admin: I just don't see the fun in playing on a vanilla, survival server if you're essentially going to turn it into creative with hacks. Not only that, but some players are just trying to enjoy the game- without cheating- which can easily be ruined by some of these players. That being said, there's been no talk of a map reset and I doubt there will be until Minecraft has another update to terrain generation. The admins are not completely awful people, despite popular opinion. We would tell you if there was a map reset coming up. EDIT: Not trying to hate on those who hack. Just the people who ruin the game for others.
  10. Our old map had been up for 2+ years. We just reset the map when 1.9 was released (at the end of February this year) so another map reset is not likely to happen for quite some time. I do think resetting the End periodically is a good idea but I don't know if it will happen anytime soon. The idea at least has the Maddie seal of approval!
  11. ^^ Also, if I might add, most of our admins are adults who don't pick favorites. I was the last admin accepted (that was over a year ago) and I never once asked to be admin in 2+ years worth of playing on the server. At least from my personal experience, I wasn't chosen because I was a "favorite" by any means. I had been regularly playing on the server for a long time and I was chosen because I was responsible and mature. People who have abused the rank have had the title taken away after infractions so I don't necessarily think we have many active admins who abuse their powers.
  12. Guys. They were banned like 2 days ago.