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  1. GreenGaming8's Official Meme Page

    Hey green you should make one of those Vipers memes of me and Germ if you haven't already
  2. v100v Update

    So we're blaming Germ now? In my 4 years of being around, there has been FAR worse things to go through here in terms of conversations and drama. And you never implemented any rules/regulations for chat besides no spamming, as far as I know. I guess you can't bring up politics anywhere these days without offending someone.
  3. v100v Update

    Talking politics in a game/online community? Direct Consequences? I can't seem to put the two together. Please, do explain. Unless youre saying "not seperating video games from real life" has direct consequences. That i can see. If one is under 18 and live with your parents, living on video games isn't a huge problem. Still a problem, since it would be a good idea to get a job around age 16 (thats what i did) for the extra experience. But once one has graduated from High school, one should get a life. I was just thinking about this the other day after hearing from an old friend who is 22, still lives with his parents, and doesn't have a job.
  4. v100v Update

    You've got quite the superiority complex, I'll give ya that ;) I came to the conclusion you were here to play Minecraft, because multiple posts of yours basically seem to say "it's just a game". You're right, MC is just a game. But what I was trying to say was "Hey, we're a community, we're not just here for the game, and we can talk about what we damn well please" If we're coming off to you as people who feed their egos on the internet, you're coming off to me as someone who is masking their insecurities by insulting people. Seriously bro, just chill and talk with us. We can talk other things besides politics.
  5. v100v Update

    It's called a COMMUNITY for a reason. If you're only in it for the GAME, then why are you even on the forums?
  6. v100v Update

    Political talks with Prayed can be quite interesting. He said his clan in a way repeated the USSR and when I told him about mine he said mine has alot of parallels to the Roman Empire. Good stuff, I Love Roman history!
  7. v100v. Our final hope.

    Oh geeett a job Herobrine. We just having some fun. Viper said WHAT now??? Tiny RIIIIIICK!!!
  8. v100v Update

    If ya think about it in terms of history Communism really just looks like glorified Oligarchy. It claims to work for the people, but really all the higher ups get soaked in material wealth whIle everyone else gets shitty jobs and income. It's everything leftists hate rolled into one, fat, dank joint. And yet many of them want it...
  9. v100v. Our final hope.

  10. v100v Update

    Trump is Puddin' #Trump2020
  11. New Server

    Yeah, you gotta have regulations of sorts. Just a thought, honestly, if it were up to me, I'd push to ban hacks. I know, alot of you would disagree, but I think they take alot of the fun out of Minecraft and make it unfair for players who do not hack.
  12. v100v Update

    They have their reasons, Greeny. Given the fact that v100v is not well known in this community, yet he's here advertising his own new server as this one is shutting down, having some suspicion is pretty justified. I ain't taking sides or nothing, just using logic :)
  13. v100v. Our final hope.

    Hm I'm over 18. Dunno bout the intellectual part though ;)
  14. v100v Update

    I think this server does show some real promise. Good luck, v100v!!!
  15. v100v. Our final hope.

    Holy crap people there is so much autism still going on. I think we should just congregate on whatever server people favor, which seems to be v100v. I personally was gonna go for Flux's server but if this community is to live on, then we should go to whichever server the majority wants.