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  1. Server clone analysis

    No use in standing up for Rocky now. Boi got himself banned
  2. Server clone analysis

    I don't think banning a cancerous egomaniac is a mistake, mind you. His behavior was quite.... innappropriate.
  3. Dear Viper, TIFU

    Awww, but i dont wanna go back home :'(
  4. Should v100v have a ban list?

    I'm getting the feeling whatever server becomes the successor to this one isn't gonna be any more cancer free :/ Besides, a Faction can still thrive without one member, am I right?
  5. Dear Viper, TIFU

    Tbh idk who you are either. Perhaps we shall befriend each other?
  6. Dear Viper, TIFU

    Nah. I don't really give a rip about my rep here. I just act big and bad because i find it funny when people get triggered over someone showing a little pride ;)
  7. Dear Viper, TIFU

    That's cuz im like a classic. The one you clueless kids know nothing about but the players who matter do know ;)
  8. Should v100v have a ban list?

    I personally would be against the idea of a default ban list, but if said risky player(s) log on then I'd recommend keeping a close eye on 'em.
  9. Now is as good a time as any.

    Damn, stuff went down while i was absent. lol
  10. Dear Viper, TIFU

    Green is totally cool by me. Even if i have been here longer and he has way more likes. lol
  11. Dear Viper, TIFU

    Damn Viper you being a total savage lol
  12. Dear Viper, TIFU

    I was a better prominent player. (I know, im being an asshat hahahaha)
  13. Now is as good a time as any.

    I was a much better legend
  14. Ah, the good ol days of warfare and the struggle for Clan supremacy. Why can't we all just get along? P.S. We all know I was the best >:] #BowserEmpireWasTheGreatestClanToEverGraceVipers
  15. A New Hope

    Hows the traffic on dat derp? Is there alotta players?