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  1. FTB Unhinged Server is now Whitelisted

    Oh... sniffle I'll have to get on when I'm not playing on Magicians Cookbook.
  2. FTB Unhinged Server is now Whitelisted

    IGN: ParkerM6 Do I really have to apply for a whitelist and give a reason? I kinda want to see if my old house is still there. Maybe goof around a bit before my computer fails. Plus I need a way to relearn CompCraft
  3. randomhappysack spamming!

    Faithful, 32x
  4. Events of Last night...

    Can we kinda decide what's gonna happen? I'm kinda tired of this whole arguement. I mean we got Craazy just doing his job, and yeah, sometimes he makes mistakes, but we are human, don't we all? Then we got errybody else who is calling Craazy out because he derps sometimes. My point is that this is just an argue-fest between both sides, Viper, you got the logs, read them, and make the descision you think is right.
  5. Starting off the morning well aren't we?

    Ahh, got it finally:
  6. Starting off the morning well aren't we?

    Our offenders today were: mclarenclarkson General_Sparkyz
  7. Starting off the morning with some normal spammers... Also. While I was uploading this... server crashed, how pleasant. And from the looks of it, the forums don't like my images. Edit: Uploaded them to Imgur. Images below. Edit2: The time was about 12:30 EST, (East Coast, United States. There were two major spammers: mclarenclarkson, and General_Sparkyz After the spam the server then crashed.
  8. Thinking about being more active on FTB again...

    1. ViperSRT3g


      Hurray, that server needs more players. Get people to play on it.

    2. CraazyBus
  9. What I am doing to my classic.

    Very terrible placed photos after spoiler. Or go here to see the album that is more organized.
  10. Hmm. Well it certainly isn't illegal, so technically it isn't as fun, but... This is what I am actually doing to my iPod Classic (like, 2nd gen) as I type this. I hope it comes out good and removes all those pesky scratches. I will make sure to put pics when I get this all done.
  11. So what's up my people?

    So here we go: So, as you may know, my actual name is Parker. I was born on Febuary 4th, 1998, so that means that I am 15 years of age. Of course I play MineCraft, with the username ParkerM6, I also play Terraria, MW3, GMod, a bit of RuneScape, and have played WoW. So some people don't know what the M6 stands for. Here's a little background info: The M stands for my last name, and the 6 came from runescapes random name generation because ParkerM was taken. I have used this username forever and could not see moving away from it. Outside of the virtual world I like to read, am in 9th grade and is smarter then most people of the grades above me. I joined the Lair about a week and a half ago, where I stumbled upon it in DynMap when I thought the server was Tekkit. I've been here since. Good Evening everyone.