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  1. We are in need of a savior.

    let's not start spreading rumors. We have camoka1 to entertain us for a while.
  2. " Why are you making a shrine/temple to an autistic @ss hole exactly? " Such pleasantries. And you have to wonder why you were banned? Do you honestly think that such behavior should be allowed back on the server camoka1?
  3. DevyShevy spamming

    they banned
  4. Bot Attack(?)

    the ip address has been banned... probably a vpn though
  5. Belahmar (Spamming) On SnapShot Server

    they banned
  6. ninjaluk is spamming adverts.

    he banned
  7. Moar spammorz

    JoeyMineCraft and _Corres_ have been banned for spam. Thank you for the report
  8. Spammorz on survival

    they all banned
  9. Who should be next admin?

    DonaldDankworth of course
  10. It's a ಥ_ಥ Day

    I am done dealing with your ignorance. Have a nice day. This is where you claim that you win.
  11. It's a ಥ_ಥ Day

    See the attached word document for actual screen captures of actual statistics not your alternative facts that do not even realize the fact that i actually played yesterday while you were on. Statistics on old.docx
  12. It's a ಥ_ಥ Day

    "And here is a prime example of how some of the admins to this server cannot maintain a professional demeanor during civil discourse." Civil discourse would require honesty on your part. To be a "professional" I would have to be paid. I do this because I among the trusted individuals who has played on this server for a very long time. I do not get paid. Therefore I am an amateur at best. Exaggerating the damage to your base and misrepresenting what has been said is not civil discourse. If you had been duping you would have been banned by now. If you were honest you would have reported the duping and not used duped items. " Which I doubt since I have far more hours logged on the server than you and rarely see you online which would indicate to me that you aren't so active as you claim)" is total bs and just adds to your lack of credibility. I have played on this server since Sept 2013 and have been an admin for 2.5 years, so don't tell me I play less than you. All told on the Vanilla Vipers servers I have playing time that is equal to almost a half of a year which is not something that I am particularly proud of although you seem to think that that matters. " I have never put shulkers through the end portal. " is actually true. BUT I never said you put shulkers through the end portal. I said that you were in possession of said shulkers. No player in survival could ever amass as many shulker boxes as you were in possession of in the limited amount of time that shulker boxes have existed so there is even more evidence of you being in possession of duped items. " If you are going to be coming from the assumptive position that everyone on the server is a rule breaker" is yet another lie so just keep digging. As an admin I only react when people break the rules. Lying about not breaking the rules and interpreting the rules in non-factual context does not make your lies any less a lie. "I hope you realize that you are alienating people who have supported this server when you take such a presumptive position on issues like this." I am alienating cheaters and people that abuse the rules. Most players want players that dupe and players that abuse/use duped items to be banned.
  13. It's a ಥ_ಥ Day

    No admin in their right mind would tell a player "Hey we want to clear out all of the duped stuff Solomon made before he was banned." and TRUSTED any Minecraft player to "have been like sweet, let me go gather it up and make a giant stack of for you to delete." 99% of all Minecraft players would immediately hide the stuff elsewhere. Maybe you are the exception but that is not something I chose to believe under the circumstances. My opinion is that if you are so incredibly honest you would have notified us of the stuff and you wouldn't have used it in your builds. Furthermore, I watch the console much more than you think. I have watched you pass out stuff AND numerous players have ratted you out. The day that any player can fill more than 5 shulker boxes with stacks of diamond blocks will be the day that you can prove to me that none of the items in the shulker boxes was NOT duped. Add a shulker box full of end portals and multiple shulker boxes of xp potions, shulker boxes of identically enchanted tools/weapons, shulker boxes full of beacons, and on and on and on. Stop trying to defend an absolutely indefensible lie and stop exaggerating the "damage" done to your base.
  14. It's a ಥ_ಥ Day

    (sorry meant to reply, not edit.) Giving duped diamond blocks is the reason duping is banned. It ruins the economy. This is a Mine craft server not a GIMME craft server. If you cannot play the game in vanilla mode go find a creative server to play on.
  15. It's a ಥ_ಥ Day

    Funny how the new players are magically given multiple diamond blocks via the end portals from your base. Still want to discuss the few little holes (no bigger than 15 blocks) in Solomon's old base, made entirely out of duped items, that you "did not take advantage of"?