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  1. SnowProper is cancer
  2. Alright Vipers, the Jig is Up.

    I and Green founded the DPRM lole
  3. Everyone upvote Germs comment lol
  4. Boi I've been on this forum for exactly 4 years today...

  5. first status update of 2018

    #Green4Admin2k18 (wow this meme is 2 years old already)

  6. The People's Lair Adventures

    A communist is someone who's read the manifesto. An anti-communist is someone who understands it.
  7. The People's Lair Adventures

    + the abuse that comes with communism
  8. The People's Lair Adventures

    Shut the fuck up, you're one of the reasons the People's Lair is fucking cancer.
  9. The People's Lair Adventures

    The People's Lair is gay
  10. A Call For Justice

    Yet, people still think multiculturism is good. Yeah, no. Go fuck yourself.
  11. Cause

    I thought this was going to be Soviet propaganda; "DONATE TO THE CAUSE NOW, CALL 1-800-COMMUNISM"
  12. v100v Update

    Get the fuck out Aussie.
  13. Final Videos... I will miss this place.

    Last video: 7 months ago BAMBOOZLED
  14. v100v Will Be Fixed ASAP.

    >useing >transfering Ok Rocky the act is over, reveal yourself.
  15. v100v Update

  16. v100v Update

    Why's the server offline?
  17. v100v. Our final hope.

    You really are cancer, yes. Rick and Morty jokes, even if ironic, are fucking retarded.
  18. v100v. Our final hope.

    Viper was right. You're cancer.
  19. v100v Update

    Diamons in vanilla maps are rare yes, in Viper's the spawn rate was invreased alot.
  20. v100v. Our final hope.

    Yeah nobody will play on it if you don't allow the autistic twitters in.
  21. v100v. Our final hope.

    Yes because Viper's Lair definitely had a banlist before it even opened.
  22. Server clone analysis

    Shut the fuck up GreenGaming8
  23. Server clone analysis

    You've made the huge mistake of banning Rocky. If Rocky can't be there, nobody of the DPRM will be there.
  24. Dear Viper, TIFU

    I'm really wondering how I was never banned.