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  1. First new map art since the restart.

    It was epic to make yes, thanks to @Alas, @Valgumir, @RockyAgayte, and the ruins of DPRM III for supplying the resources almost entirely.
  2. Make Viper's Lair Vanilla Again

    Lmao I didn't even notice that at first Vanilla
  3. Cleaning up the End

    i was gonna nuke the entire end myself, tbh
  4. Cleaning up the End

    why would you do such a thing
  5. Make Viper's Lair Vanilla Again

    make it vanilla indeed
  6. The Grand Return

    Hell yeah!
  7. I miss you guys...

    Henlo there
  8. Loss

    Same for the other maps tbh
  9. SnowProper is cancer
  10. Alright Vipers, the Jig is Up.

    I and Green founded the DPRM lole
  11. Everyone upvote Germs comment lol
  12. Boi I've been on this forum for exactly 4 years today...

  13. first status update of 2018

    #Green4Admin2k18 (wow this meme is 2 years old already)

  14. The People's Lair Adventures

    A communist is someone who's read the manifesto. An anti-communist is someone who understands it.