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  1. So if I'd call you a twitter nigger Aussie in PM you'd ban me?
  2. WTF Viper, is the Lair a USSR-like server now? Since when is free speech not allowed?
  3. Title and picture say enough.
  4. How is NehruvianDoom banned but Cristiantherich isn't. Lol
  5. And as we all know, the NSMAP is the strongest (if the DPRM ceased to exist) team in the server. The members are ne; myself and I.
  6. I didn't say the DPRM declares war, I said I (the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the NSMAP), declares war.
  7. Did NR steal my skull banner? I declare war. PrayedGerm isn't with them anymore, and he's the reason why I wanted peace.
  8. You should've used something like End Portal frames, i think we still have around 10-20
  9. BOIII!!
  10. Baby please come back to the server <3
  11. what an asshole
  12. i call hax
  13. I do. I appreciate the way you view Lenin as a good man, just like I view Hitler as a good man.
  14. I don't wanna spoil it all but I'm literally the only one in the DPRM who likes you ._.
  15. kek