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  1. PLAY n' WIN: Free Creative!

    Congratz to Rdneck!
  2. PLAY n' WIN: Free Creative!

    Yeah, who won? lol
  3. PLAY n' WIN: Free Creative!

    I wonder who is gonna win?!
  4. We can't let geb go

  5. Reporting myself

    Damn replicator, giving me a cold cuppa Earl Grey!
  6. Alright, guys. I had to write an essay on resolving an ethical dilemma for my Critical and Ethical Thought class. I did mine on violence in video games. I'm not going to lie here. I let a couple of people in TeamSpeak read my pre-revised copy of the first two paragraphs and it got a few laughs. They knew that I "half-assed" it, or whatever it's called. Anyway, the paper was due at noon today and I got it done. I somehow got a perfect 20/20 mark on it, too, lol! This is what my professor had to say: Anyway, here is my essay that I submitted: What do you guys think?
  7. Vanilla server eh?

    That's funny, lol
  8. PLAY n' WIN: Free Creative!

    How does unlocking Creative Mode on the Viper's Lair vanilla server sound? How about unlocking it for FREE? If you want a chance to WIN the illustrious Creative Mode, you will need to read and adhere to the following Terms and Conditions: 1. Be active on the vanilla server 2. Be active on our TeamSpeak server 3. Read and accept the Creative Mode rules of conduct Please note: These Terms and Conditions are subject to change by Viper or anyone of his disciples. The reason I'm doing this is to attempt to get more users using our TeamSpeak server. The more, the merrier! So just come join in on the fun for your chance to WIN! Come on, really, what's better than PLAY n' WIN? The donation has already been made, now it is up to the administrative team to choose the winner! The Winner will be announced on April 30, 2014. TeamSpeak server: Download:
  9. wilcoxornothing27 kills roo2099

  10. wilcoxornothing27 kills roo2099

    Somebody is out to get meh Wilcox? :-O
  11. The Town of Moosville

    Small House Medium House Stone House L-Shape House
  12. The Town of Moosville

    Day View Night View
  13. The Town of Moosville

    View the town on my server! Use Server: Please Note: Only up when I'm at home on my computer. This is not a dedicated server. If you want to check out the town, come find me on TeamSpeak. Great News, everyone! The construction of Moosville is now complete! More and more expansions are underway, and the town in now move-in ready! There have been few applications to move in, but in the end, a decision has been made that, "There can be only one..." AND NOW, WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, THE WINNER OF THE FREE ENTRY INTO MOOSVILLE IS.... *drum rolls* April Phools! Congratulations, April, and I hope you enjoy your stay, and your new home here in Moosville! -Mayor TheDJD6
  14. Completed City Just need to finish up a few side projects (Zer0's tower, lighthouse, dock, tram station) Zer0's Tower - City Lookout Zer0's Tower - Island Lookout
  15. Come online. It's finished now. Just have to finish a couple side projects (Zer0's tower, the lighthouse and the tram station)