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  1. Dude i have been here for the past 5 minutes trying to remember what your old username was... What was it?

  2. New FTB Server Ideas

    This is only for FTB server, which is seperate from viper's Vanilla server which is entirely vanilla minecraft.
  3. [Hardcore Server] Enable Respawning?

    Actually, maybe like every 1 or 2 weeks....i feel like a month discourages people from playing. And it would be nice for people who played to come back again
  4. [Hardcore Server] Enable Respawning?

    Can we set respawn to a fixed day, so that at most it is 30 days? Like everyone respawns on the first of the month
  5. Spawn Protection

    Quit with the shit posting. Last warning
  6. To PeriHeika and Zefreakinrican

    BaltimoreCalling may have been an upstanding member of this server at one time but he made poor decisions and performed many actions that were forbidden of an Operator. Unfortunately he is receiving retaliation for those actions. Neither he nor anyone who has griefed his server in retaliation deserves any justidication
  7. OP Booties

    Thanks for returning them
  8. Questions and answers

    The Temp server and the Main server are the same server...It's just a temporary IP for the server FYI. As for your PM permissions i'm not sure why those are blocked for you. I sent you a PM, can you see/read it? Edit: Nevermind, I can't even send you a PM.
  9. Current Server Downtime 2015/01/18

    As I have told you before, under the Moderator Control Panel your name is not included anywhere, meaning you have no restrictions of any kind on your account. If you cannot PM it is unintentional but as a Moderator it is not something we can undo at the moment. And also, alot of your posts are needless/off topic, similar to your one preceding this which in no way relates to current server downtime
  10. I guess you missed the part where I said I already tested to see if it was possible to kill someone at spawn and came to the conclusion that it isn't. That's more proof than needed to say that he's not playing legit. (Why did you lock my post?)

    1. ReaperPrince


      It's not proof. You don't have any evidence(screenshots) that you died inside the resistance region so it just becomes a he said-she said. And those posts never lead anywhere productive for anyone. I locked it to avoid the inevitable 100 posts by HeroBrineR007

  11. HeroBrineR007 is using cheated weapons

    Unfortunately without any type of screenshot/other proof that he was using an OP weapon or anything else of the sort there is very little action we could take.
  12. Current Server Downtime 2015/01/18

    Neither of you should have any restrictions on your account and it would stay that way if you didn't shitpost and spam
  13. Current Server Downtime 2015/01/18

    You can play on Viper's. Connect with the temp ip, it is the same server. And people play on Baltimore's server. It is Spigot-vanilla with a noCheat plugin.
  14. Current Server Downtime 2015/01/18

    Post a ban appeal in the appropriate section as outlined in the guidelines