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  1. Nope. **EDIT** Sorry for the shit lizard. Enjoy your pixel art.
  2. randomhappysack spamming!

    What texture pack are you using???
  3. 6/26/13

    No derp, but it still got him to listen. No derp, but it still got him to listen.
  4. 6/26/13

    Welp, time for reports. Spammers. Luckily I got this one to stop *questioning moral is a great trick of the trade* I got plenty of screen shots but I'll narrow it down to 2. This happened at approx. 10:20. No server crash, he just joined and was a dick. I eventually got him to leave. Seems the reddit is still going healthy... Name: Corrupt_F1LE
  5. In reference to my being "de-opped"

    In the words of I think it was helter or PPC earlier, "pics or it didn't happen". There is no tangible evidence supporting your claims. Just pointing that out.
  6. "In light of this, I'll have to remove your OP status due to not following the agreed upon 10 rules that were sent to all admins prior to them becoming OPs for the server." If I broke rules, I would also like to point out others who have not followed all rules. Baba and geb have also been known to change time on multiple accounts *console will show this* as well as last night baba teleporting many new players to him for no apparent reason. No one attacked them, he just kept teleporting them to his area. I'd like these explained too if we're on this topic.
  7. Events of Last night...

    Alright, I'm sorry, I take full blame. I should've used better judgement on that.
  8. Events of Last night...

    Was skyping with Parker to get him to take care of the killing. Seeing as earlier when I had to check hydrogen1 I couldn't kill him myself. I have usually best 30 FPS, so I let someone with better FPS take care of it. Like I said before I got /effect understood, I did manual killing. Our skype chat: ParkerM6: Yea? Carnage: I need you to kill someone for me, I can't keep him still ParkerM6: Radial? Carnage: The very one Carnage: I think he has duped crap but I got shitternet right now >_<
  9. Events of Last night...

    You being online at this time. Also, if we're going to discuss me doing this, can we also discuss gebauer1 doing this? And as I said in there, I was working on a sculpture and really had no actual reason to do it looking back. I do take blame for changing time. And then after that you said not to change time what-so-ever.
  10. Events of Last night...

    I have reasons for everything. First off, the /effect Radial 7 10000 was because I suspected him of having duped items. And the time with having tp'd Parker to him was more or less the same thing except that was before I actually got the /effect thing understood. With lone_wolf_cub, he asked to be tped to me in the creeper den. Logs prove this claim. And me removing my art... It was my art to remove. Any other things needed for explanation, please inform me what else. My reason for suspecting him having duped items was due to his constant harassment of players. Oh, the noahcraft, him I told him I had a present for him and I invisible, he was about 20 blocks away from me but didn't see me. So I tp'd him 20 blocks, which was to me, he opened the glass box.
  11. Starting off the morning well aren't we?

    mclarenclarkson and General_Sparkyz have been banned
  12. Determining Flyspeed

    Creative speed should be the top speed for players whom are flying or otherwise. My reason behind this is because it's possible to have to force load chunks with creative fly at that. This is also the speed I tell players when I warn them.
  13. 6/21/13

    As soon as I join while being exhausted ;~; 2 more spammers TT_TT This happened starting at about 1 pm central and ended at 1:05 when Gamerguy9157 crashed the server via excessive spam. They did it out of no where and continued when I said stop.... Gamerguy9157 jamar55
  14. 6/21/13

    2 more spammers: timeshifter108 dangerous_tomato I just asked who was new and they both started spamming like idiots. I told them to stop be as everyone else... they didn't listen to me. This happened at like 11am central I think. It was a few hours ago from the time I'm writing this report because I had to mow the lawn.
  15. 6/21/13

    Spammer: keatonthunder1 happened at about 7 am central out of no where, I just joined and he spammed