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  1. Admin Popularity

    I get the feeling you don't know what sarcasm is.
  2. Admin Popularity

    It's sarcasm, seeing as I'm not on the list of Admins. (Tiashi Ci88)
  3. Admin Popularity

    No comment.
  4. All admins in one building

    Did I get demoted in my absence? Lol
  5. [Hardcore Server] Enable Respawning?

    Hmm... True.
  6. [Hardcore Server] Enable Respawning?

  7. PC issues

    In case anyone was wondering where I went, I melted my laptop again. It's getting pretty lame having to use something that's just a degree south of hell-fire. I should take it out back and end it. However, I'll try and fix it temporarily until I buy a new one.
  8. PC issues

    Yep, temporary fix is bust. The motherboard is the issue = - I'll have to slave it at work and offer my body on the streets for a few weeks.
  9. SexGod spamming and changing peoples gamemodes

    Hacks are allowed, look at the rules. Spamming is not okay.
  10. Wasd5009

    Watch me...
  11. I don't hit players unless they truly deserve it. (Spawn killers) - I'll Tp around to every player just to get a feel for the way they play and make sure they aren't at DBZ flight speeds. - I don't see a need to harass players, it doesn't help me, it doesn't help them, it ends up harming the server. I do what I can to help out when I can. Yes, players have been getting upset by me, mostly because I'm bound by rules and I stick to them. The players who seem to say I'm in the wrong are the same ones who want special things. (Tp's to cords/lores/super enchanted items) - I will pay them no mind and state that it's not something that I can do for them. --- When one person makes an accusation, check to be sure he himself is not the guilty one. Sometimes it is those whose case is weak who make the most clamour.
  12. spammer

  13. spammer

  14. maximum is abusing with op items

    I'll just grab his IP and be done with him.
  15. Unluckytheo has OP Armor

    Non issue. Post locked.
  16. Huge Spammer

  17. O_O

    He got some of his stuff back. If he's saying he didn't, that's a lie.
  18. O_O

    You spawn kill all the time, you didn't expect backlash for it? You even spawn killed 3 people flat out on your run "home".
  19. Server Derpage

    Sure is.
  20. Server Derpage

    Well... Damn. I just got my laptop up and running, just to have the server being derpy.
  21. Sorry for the inactivity.

    I'm sure many of you think I died or something, but I kind of melted my laptop. When I get the cash up to get a new one (or repair the POS), I'll be back on. Here's to Black Friday shopping!
  22. Minecraftia: new kingdom on the snapshot vinnila server

    You missed some spots.
  23. Sorry for the inactivity.

    Well, randomness of spam leads to more spam. Get Nak to make some Musubis. Anyway, I hope to be back and running before December.
  24. zozomonster killing in creative

    I remember this. Zozo was in creative survival. I didn't update the scoreboard right away.
  25. Raiding a base

    Bloky08 is the user. I had the cords saved and went to find a few others.