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  1. fixed that for you
  2. Ted is correct,
  3. "claims to be camoka1" "behaves like camoka1 sponsored terrorist" "griefs spawn " "gets banned" "posts a ban appeal called 'the stupidity of the admins' that is malformed " "complains its unfair" idk about u but that seems pretty autistic to me. addition: and for the record, the spawn area is and has always been admin territory, feel free to do what you want (creation and destruction wise) away from spawn
  4. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Yeggin
  5. they were actually banned btw
  6. 2b2t is not vanilla , it has many many plugins and uses a custom jar they also have a much better server
  7. 0/10 do not reccomend downloading files from a random screb's probably malware infested computer.
  8. 10/10 top quality meme
  9. sɯnɹoɟ dᴉɹ
  10. You should focus your energy on more productive uses of your time, such as getting a university education or creating software that can make you money legally , such as database or cryptography software. Rather than complaining on the forum of a minecraft server about getting banned by an admin for talking about and creating software to facilitate breaking a specific rule. just saying.
  11. You can believe that if you so choose, but the rabbit hole goes deeper.