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  1. Loss

    I have the maps, I may be persuaded to upload them, if someone has a place i can upload 500gb+ I will not host it myself
  2. We aren't gone yet.

    So hows that People's Lair Server going?
  3. We aren't gone yet.

    You guys are like the fungus that grows in the chernobyl reactor, that feeds off the carcinogenic gamma radiation emitted by what remains of the RBMK reactors
  4. A lot of us moved to minepurist. Feel free to join us.

    snowproper is aight, hes just a little fucky is all.
  5. Alright Vipers, the Jig is Up.

    no u
  6. The Echoes Network: A New Home For Vipers Players

    I recommend going outside once in a while. it makes the sun burn your eyes less.
  7. The Echoes Network: A New Home For Vipers Players

    Let the viper's lair meme die please, its been 4 months since the server closed. you guys are like immortal herpes on a dead man's corpse.
  8. The People's Lair Adventures

    shoo , go away , im locking this
  9. The People's Lair Adventures

    + communism
  10. The People's Lair Adventures

    its funny until 4 years pass
  11. The People's Lair Adventures

    guys are you really gonna make me have to lock this thread, srsly make your own forums
  12. A Call For Justice

    Val, the way i see it is that , most people are not acutely aware of their macro enviroment, they can't see beyond their day to day grind, this is intentional as the current system of education focuses on specialization, which while it brings increased efficiency and productivity, fosters a blind populace that is hopelessly dependant on other specialists to provide accurate information, currently that part of our system is malfunctioning (news specifically) and it is screwing up where people think they stand, they have no real anchor anymore, everything is now subjective opinion in the eyes of the average individual, the average man or woman does not have the skills to filter the volume of conflciting information they are recieving , it is simply too much for any 1 person to handle, so their brains adapt by picking one position and sticking to it no matter what the truth is since its the only way they can cope with it , this is futher exacerbated by the algorithms employed by google and other information search technologies companies, since they essentially filter results that only agree with the individuals own point of view, it locks them in, hopelessly entwined by their own thoughts, they cannot escape. Personally I think its a lost cause at this point, the organizations in control of our information technologies are not capable of making judgements on such problems , they merely go where the money takes them, after all they are profit machines in most cases. That and the number of people that are capable of interveaning are dwindling in supply, as their actions directly conflict with the interests of these machines, and as such they are eliminated one way or another , by disgrace or death it is of no matter to these machines. there is an active mechanism that these machines use to suppress such threats. You must remember cultural problems are human problems, the profit machines do not care , they only care about the increased productivity and profitability that comes with these mass immigrations. The only possibility i can see for a reversal. is a complete restructing of our education system, and destruction of the very networks that we now depend upon for a our very lives, since it is the root of the cancer. This of course is not acceptable due to the tremendous loss of life that would be associated with such an event. Only thing to do is wait for the fire to go out, It is already out of control, all we can hope is that there will be something left in the ashes. thats my 2 cents Don't think about it too much, Not worth your time, only thing you can do is prepare yourself, or dont and see where the dice fall....
  13. A Call For Justice

    guys this is a defunct minecraft server forum, like wtf. srsly