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  1. v100v Needs A Donation

    dude come on, ask your mom for 10$ before begging. srsly
  2. I need some help from a staff member

  3. v100v Update

    A multicraft license isn't that expensive its like 8euro for a 2 server license, highly recommend it, why build a wrapper when the work is already done. or if you're really poor just make a cron job to restart the server.
  4. v100v Update

    I don't think so green, its more, do you like being in a room with people arguing about stuff that doesn't effect them ,that they dont understand, attack you if you disagree, and try to create beef constantly. pretty unpleasant in general if you ask me. And then imagine you pay for the space those people argue in if people acted like that in real life, they would get fired or banned from public spaces( and they do on ocassion). I honestly don't know how ted managed to block it out for so long, a skill I would like to have.
  5. v100v Update

    well v100v hasn't been online for 3 days now(forums), might want to go to his subreddit to ask him instead of here
  6. v100v Update

    I don't actually dislike or like v100v, he simply comes off as arrogant for assuming he deserves credibility despite having 0 record, when someone knows detail about the server ,saying they've played for years , and yet methodically hides their ingame identity (don't care about their personal info), Sets off a red flag for me, There are people known to the server, who would do this sort of thing to exploit the player base. And I wasn't joking about flux helping, he may come off as crass, but he mostly knows what hes doing. Have nothing against v100v, but you dont deserve respect, you must earn it.
  7. v100v Update

    orly, You should ask flux about that, if you gave an ingame name, and you aren't rocky, he would probably help you. just sayin. also please stop making new topics every time you want to post about your server its borderline spam , bump and update a single thread instead.
  8. v100v. Our final hope.

    I just hope that it's rocky's schizophrenia, and not someone like balt or other maliciously deceptive people that are known to the server, that have attempted to exploit or manipulate people in the past. be careful
  9. v100v Update

    You can say that all you want, but the fact you have gone to lengths to hide your ingame identity from your forum account, and no one has ever seen or heard of you before. I have nothing against anonymity, but since there is no way to even associate you with the server, yet you seem to know alot about it, leads me to think that you might be phishing people, hence the warning. given the thousand of scammers that have been banned on the server, it wouldn't surprise me that one of them would take advantage of the server closing as an opportunity. You cannot and should not be trusted.
  10. v100v Update

    who tf are you v100v, very fishy. I dont recommend joining what ever server this guy sets up, he will probably use it to collect personal info or something malicious .
  11. Nuxe's YouTube Viper's Lair Series??

    if only that were true, rocky time to give up the conspiracy theories, this isn't a joke or a secret plot
  12. Nuxe's YouTube Viper's Lair Series??

    Yes the "turn off the server forever" update, quite exciting.
  13. Dear Viper, TIFU

    viper literaly couldn't give 1/4 of a derp about a "bot attack" rocky, this has nothing to do with you. more to do with the constant autistic rambling viper has received in recent months, he is pulling the plug because the cancer is terminal.