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  1. 2b2t is not vanilla , it has many many plugins and uses a custom jar they also have a much better server
  2. 0/10 do not reccomend downloading files from a random screb's probably malware infested computer.
  3. 10/10 top quality meme
  4. sɯnɹoɟ dᴉɹ
  5. You should focus your energy on more productive uses of your time, such as getting a university education or creating software that can make you money legally , such as database or cryptography software. Rather than complaining on the forum of a minecraft server about getting banned by an admin for talking about and creating software to facilitate breaking a specific rule. just saying.
  6. You can believe that if you so choose, but the rabbit hole goes deeper.
  7. limiting the map to even 1 million will do virtually nothing since most of the generated chunks are within 500k, and I would guess >60% of all the chunks regularly used are within 100k
  8. The only problem is the vanilla map, removing the other servers will not help fix the issue or help it very much. It is most likely the size of the map and the use of mechanical harddrives. Im suprised its not worse than it is, you guys have inflated the map much faster than the old map , it is currently greater than 200GB in about a year and 3 months. old map was only 140gb (in 2.5~ years) when it got too laggy for the vanilla jar. the only way that things can be improved immediately would be to heavily limit the world size and forsake anyone out past 50k though im not even sure that would help at this point, or reset the map, neither of this are agreeable options. Its rather ironic since when we hit 120gb~ with the new map we managed to find a way to improve performance enough to keep it going relatively smoothly. "This should last us another year" I thought but nooooooo you guys had to travel even farther and faster than the before the reset. Now there is not much we can do afaik, cpu / harddrives aren't fast enough for an infinite world this size. Just gonna have to bear it until a new machine can be organized in the admins free time (long time or never)
  9. whoops , didn't read the end of the first post subtract 1 vote for no
  10. I think it might need a performance tweak however, get frame drops whenever it flashes.
  11. They seem to be behaving now, ill give them a pass for now.
  12. banned