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  1. Make Viper's Lair Vanilla Again

    I love that vanilla is such a critical part to this servers years long culture the site automatically underlines it lmao
  2. Make Viper's Lair Vanilla Again

    The entire point of the lair always has been that its a vanilla server, so pie can you please listen to the playerbase and make it vanilla again? The server being on spigot is really messing up a lot of things, and this has been a very unpopular move. Please change it back.
  3. Cleaning up the End

    oh so I was actually trying to do this, my solution though was just going to be straight up flag cutting away the entire top part and leaving the flat bottom. But you seem to be taking lead on this project, so what should I do?
  4. A birthday is a good day to come back to the lair and be an edgy pro gamer ;)

  5. Let's use these forums again.

    I mean he may warn us, but also keep in mind we have no clue how he is paying for this site either. It might be based on a traffic volume basis, and that could mean when all of us start using it again the bill could go up noticeably enough that he remembers to shut down what is essentially a site he forgot about 2 years ago and is paying for without any use.
  6. The Grand Return

    Just gonna throw in the server is now updated to the latest version, (1.15.2 currently) for anyone who ends up joining late.
  7. Let's use these forums again.

    I mean it will always be viper's lair, even if its not viper running the server itself. But yes this is a good idea, this site probably still costs good money to keep up, and honestly since its still here I see no reason not to put it to use, and I too plan on starting to shitpost again. (this is all assuming ofc that viper does not take this site down once he notices we have reclaimed it)
  8. I would like to thank n00b for making this map. It shall serve as the flag of the DPRM at the very least for now I guess. If anyone wants a copy let me or noob know, it is also currently the largest map art on the server fun fact. Ya Ik its a bit edgy but like like, hey its noob lol.