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  1. A Call For Justice

  2. GreenGaming8's Official Meme Page

    Is it true that if I post nudes here I can Attract a hot male?
  3. Well at least Roy Moore lost. Not saying democrats are even slightly good, but at least they are better than he would of been.
  4. Alas is a fucking walnut.

    Alas is a fucking walnut. Let this be known. He should probably unban me from v100v discord.
  5. Well, with vipers dead, v100v very close to being dead, and 2b2t now costing 20$ a month for laggy survival, their is basicly no good places left to play survival with a decent playerbase. Does anyone know of any preferably large fun to play on servers? at this point im open to non vanilla gameplay, but their must be somthing left.
  6. Cause

    eh the forms are far from 100% done. Plenty of us are still here, we just dont have much to post about, and all the topic catigories are related to vipers lair server, which is dead. If viper added some new categories for new servers like pies, v100v, and fluxes server, people would probably use it more to post stuff related to those servers/
  7. yup thats right... a grown adult in my neighborhood believes in werewolfs. I wish I could say this is fake.
  8. v100v Update

    by far most cancerous discord i have been on in awhile 10/10
  9. Suggestion

    well now that the server is dead its probably time to remove or archive all the old forums that are specific to the server still being online, such as respawn requests, ban appeals, ect. I have no idea what the theme of this site is now.
  10. Rip.

    Well the end is finnaly here. This is unreal. It was a good run boys. now Its time to come home.
  11. A list of all my cords (pt 1)

    boi im thicc as a bricc
  12. A list of all my cords (pt 1)

    Also includs some likely wrong infor I took down on prayed during the cold war, and an email to a namemc account i never actually made. More cords coming later: Atp (old): 10,000,000 10,000,000