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  1. The Poll's Are In

    The poll's are in! My official classic viper remake is leading the poll by a landslide. To prove I am worthy and have a lot of support on the server I'm contacting all the old viper friends I have (a lot) and asking them to vote. Many plan on staying and playing in a non-cancerous community. The ip is up, server is running smooth and all bugs are being fixed. To gain some popularity I plan on advertising the server on a few of the more mature server listing websites and build up a small community, hoping the old viper players and the current community can lead into a new era of non autistic fun! I'm also going to start doing weekly vids on my yt channel (200 subs) and contact one of my streamer friends who has a much bigger base. The new domain is in the backburner and oldviper.works will be up very soon! The clone wouldn't be complete without the good ol voting system that we had in place so we are working on that. For those who don't know, in old viper each vote got you 1 item of your choice out of the creative inventory. This lead to some pretty cool items and builds. Anyway just like to share the progress of the #1 clone and hope to see yall soon! ~ With Love And Peace - Flux
  2. Rocky Trying To Divide Us

    Hey flux here, I'm here to try to stop the downfall of viper. Lets just make that clear. For those who don't know me this form wont make much sense, so let me introduce myself. I started my Minecraft adventure around February 2014. Back then the only server I played was viper. I remember times when the servers had hundreds of on. We have gone through ups and downs as a community. Gone from server to server, growing and expanding. We had something special. This server was unlike any I had ever played. Not only was I having fun, but I was getting powerful. Very OP. There were many others too, but I had a whole guild on my side. Thus to say ill admit, I was a very hormonal clingy power hungry little tween. Just ask the staff xD. With power in my head set out for blood. There were huge wars wadged and derp really went down. Anyway a little while later the VL staff decided to remove a lot of the stuff that made the server great. The spawn, commands, paths. I know a lot of this is foreign to you all, but I really missed it. I set out to try to remake the old server in order to get an advantage over the enemy guilds. I opped my friends, and it all went to hell. Anyway that failed and shortly after the 1.9 update I quit. It just wasn't fun anymore. I longed for the opportunity to restore viper to its full potential. But in the years I also worked on my own server project. That was pretty successful. But the whole views that I started with shifted dramatically. Now I come back randomly to check in and find out the server is in disarray. After discussing the whole "what happened" thing with the staff in our ts, I soon realized what happened. And I get it. The community has changed so significantly that it has become not fun for the staff. As a server hoster myself I completely get it. Minecraft nearly tripled in size from 2013. The smaller community's of intellectually mixed with stupidity used to balance itself out. But for some reason now the community's have turned into all these cancerous 13 year olds. It truly is unenjoyable. But I have the privilege of a good job, and extra time. I don't want to let this downgrade of MC happen if I can help it, especially to the community that raised me. Thus I decided to try to revert to the past. I made my official remake of the old server for the SOLE PURPOSE of trying to bring joy back into those that viper raised. I am in the process of trying to contact old members of our community and start something special. But there seems to be a force opposing me. RockyAgate. For those of you who don't know, the server is shutting down because of people like rocky. He knows it because when I asked why it is shutting down, he admitted to his own autism. The staff knows it and is not afraid to point fingers. And today I saw first hand how rocky wants nothing else but for our community to be divided. I created my remake not for power. derp I don't have time for that. I didn't make it for my friends to get op. Attached is a pic where you can see the only op is me. It isn't to test and abuse plugins as it is only vanilla. Yet Rocky keeps trying to drive a wedge in the only practical solution in order to get the community divided. Many think that they are saving the server by creating all these crazy pure vanilla worlds. The little # ip servers that have like 500mb of ram and derp. THIS IS BAD! Why you ask? Once the world gets to 400gb in a year, and you have to pay for it will you? The thing is if everyone joins a different server that only lasts a month or so, then what is left of the viper community? Where as I have servers bigger in size than vipers that have been around just as long. And the money to keep us alive for the future. Here is the thing though, I cant do this alone. Today a few old friends checked out my server. They were playing, when rocky came in. He says a bunch of old fake derp about me. Constantly beating me down for old mistakes. Accusing me of trying to corrupt the community. Eventually he wins, and gets them to leave. If this was just some other random remake that will fail in 2 weeks would you oppose it so much rocky? No ik you wont because those who were enjoying my server to quit and join one. So rocky I have no choice but to ban you in my remake. I WILL NOT let you future divide the community, and neither should they. Everyone makes mistakes rocky, but only some learn from them. I have done nothing but prove my good intentions the past few days, and wont let your ruin this for me. Just stay out and go with your autists to some server that will lose funding in 2 months. Maybe it will keep you out. If you want the community to survive the only option is to unify it. Don't let others divide us.
  3. v100v Update

    https://viper.works/minecraft/topic/1725-fluxs-new-official-old-server-for-those-who-cant-see-it/ Here is a copy from an in donor account. IDK why it didn't work. Its just in general
  4. For some reason people are telling me they cant see my form posts. IDK why but I'm reposting the message on a second account that isn't donator so all can see - PLS NOTE STAF THAT THIS ISNT SPAM. People like v100v cant see my thread and this should be fixed. Here is an exact copy of what I said on my main account -