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  1. I'm new to the server!

    If you're interested, call 1-???-PAN-CAKE for more information, or ask Lord Ted himself! Collect all six Tedesis books!
  2. I'm new to the server!

    hi therr
  3. DPRM National Museum

  4. We are in need of a savior.

    you'll get 2 more when you log in to the vanilla server now
  5. Ted's Temple

    is it new?
  6. Vote

    I like fish
  7. We are in need of a savior.

    Ted will be the true god
  8. Ted's Temple

  9. Anyone who wants to be an extra in the Tedesis?

  10. As some of you know, I am making books of Tedism. I need some usernames that will be used as "passing" characters. Anyone?
  11. AgentNarwhalz Hacking

    They're allowed tho