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  1. I declare that the UC is officially dissolved and the only player left is FudgyRowdie, but he most likely won't be coming on for much longer. I also want to make it clear to all people that Pokey0215 and MCristal are all the same and 1 person. I also would like to propose a server wide effort to help new players to stay on the server to hopefully make Vipers Layer a new and welcoming server with an old past. We could make the nether roof more accessible to new players and encourage them to stay on vipers layer. If anyone has any Ideas on getting players to join VipersLayer without telling any huge YouTubers with a young viewer base then post it here
  2. The UC

    He said He got bored of the Server and never came back
  3. The UC

    If NoOne Doesn't get on within this week I will Formally Disband the Group the UC. It currently is a dead group and is going nowhere.
  4. Vipers Lair Player Power - Throughout the Ages

    U forgot bismuth but added the UC... Thats dumb I think its cool though
  5. What team are you on?

    The UC
  6. Happy Birthday


  7. Operation Protect Shores

  8. Operation Protect Shores

    Operation protect shore is an operation geared toward helping new players on the server and promoting the UC's Agenda in helping new players join and giving us a reputation of helping amoung the new and old players. We plan to limit all spawn killings and killers and will kill all spawn campers and I will launch a protective order on all new players that have not had more than 100 time on this server an a Official UC announcement -Pokey0215
  9. Vote!

    I think the founder should be the leader being that you embody the group from the very start and understand its Ideals to the fullest
  10. Recruiting for the UC

    I mean I did just get back at MCristal For his Devious Actions but that is all we planned
  11. MCristal's Base Raid

    I Pokey0215 have raided MCristal as a sign of my allegiance to FudgyRowdie and the UC. I wanted to prove that I was trustworthy and get back for the underhand and backwards prank MCristal did on FudgyRowdie by making him go to a fake temp base. Here are some photos of his base After I raided MCristal.. Before I Raided MCristal I added 2 of the same photo :P