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  1. Vote

    Please Just Vote, Do Not Make Comments On Context, Just Vote.
  2. Suggestion To Add Back In Player To Player Teleports

    This Would Not Cause The Server To Be DDosed. This Is Because All This Change Would Do Is Keep Players We Already Get In, But It Would Not Attract More Players.
  3. Nuxe's YouTube Viper's Lair Series??

    This Is A Great Idea! I Have Started A 4 Episode Series On The Server, And I Would Love It If You Would Also Make A Series :)
  4. Suggestion To Add Back In Player To Player Teleports

    The First Base I Lived At I Did Not Teleport To, However It Was Just A Starter Base Only 30k From Spawn, However I Don't Know If I Would Of Continued To Play If I Never Got Teleported To My Second Base.
  5. I Remember Back In 1.8, If The Admins Were In The Mood, They Would Teleport Players To Each Other If Both Party's Consented To The Teleport. This However Was Stopped In 1.9 Due To The Fact That It Became An Annoyance To The Admins Having To Constantly Teleport People. However I Would Like To Make A Case To Add Back In The Teleport. Currently, Almost All The Well Established Players Know How To Teleport On Their Own (Legally, As 0 Mods Are Used) Using Nether Portals. So We Have Been Living Just Fine Without Access To tpa, However Taking Away tpa Has Had A Horrible Effect On New Player Turnover. Back In The Day, New Players Could Join, And Quickly Be Recruited To An Entry Level Base, And Quickly Brought To Said Base By Means Of Admin Teleportation. Statistically, These Players Who Were Recruited By Bases And Teleported To Said Bases By Admins, Played Much Longer Than Players Left On Their Own Without Admin Teleportation. So If We Added Back In Teleportation, Maybe We Could Get New Players To Stick Around. Now To Address The Negatives Of This Proposal, I Am Aware That This Might Annoy Some Admins, So If A Teleport Was To Be Added, It Would Be At ADMINS DISCRETION ONLY. Furthermore, If Admins Don't Want To Deal With All The Requests, Than I Propose That The Teleport Should Only Be Available To Relatively New Players Under A Certain Number Of Minutes Online, Such As Under 2000, 1000, Or 500 If You Want To Be Extreme. Now This Limitation Would Mean Players Under "X" Minutes Online Would Be Able To Teleport To Players Above And Below "X" Minutes Online. However Players Above "X" Minutes Online Would Only Be Aloud To Have Players Teleport To Them. Along With Helping Keep Teleportation Requests Down, This Would Help Prevent Old Players From Teleporting To New Players To Simply Cause Harm, Or Just Get To Spawn Easy. Furthermore, On The Same Subject I Hear That Admins Are Worried About Measures To Get Lots Of New Players Joining Leading To An Increased Risk Of The Server Being Attacked. This Would Not Lead To The Server Being Attacked Because It Would Just Keep The Players Who Already Join From Leaving, But It Would Not Really Bring In More Players Than Usual, It Would Just Keep The Players We Have Online More. Besides Stopping Player Turnover From Being So Bad, This Change Would Also Make The Game Much More Fair And Even, Because Established Players Can Teleport Already, But New Players Usually Do Not Know How To, Or Don't Have The Resources To Do So. Please Take This Suggestion Into Serious Consideration.
  6. My Viper's Lair Youtube Series, Season One

    Episode #4 Is Out: In Today's Video I Raid An End City With Hacks Turned Off, I Almost Die, But Make It Out Alive.
  7. My Viper's Lair Youtube Series, Season One

    That Was Just Fancy Editing To Get More Views For All You Know
  8. My Viper's Lair Youtube Series, Season One

    Episode Three Has Come Out :) : I Have 100% Fixed All Recording Issues, The Video Is Now Smooth 1080p Without Any High Compression, Or Shudders. I Have Also Found A Good Title Format That Is Noticeable Enough To Attract New Viewers, But Is Also Not Bad Click bait As All The Things In The Title Do In Fact Really Happen In The Video. Please Give Me More Feedback Below :)
  9. My Viper's Lair Youtube Series, Season One

    Episode Two Is Out: In Today's Video I Explore Springvale, And Almost Get Attacked By A Wither. I Also Got Rid Of The Letterbox, But Shuddering Is A Small Issue I Will Fix Next Episode.
  10. Hi Guys, So Today I Made A Youtube Video On The Lair. Please Give Me Any Suggestions You Have :) . Also Does Anyone Know How To Get Rid Of That Letterbox, I Use Windows Movie Maker To Edit. Link:
  11. Alas filing false reports

    TenDarrah Is Right. I Was Also Falsely Reported, And Alas Only Took Back His Report Because He Had His Own Cords In The Screenshot.
  12. The DPRM And USC Alliance

    Hi, As Of Today The USC And DPRM Are Now Allies. I Don't Really Know What Else To Say, So Bye :) .
  13. RoxbotChronicles Duping

    Okay I Feel The Need To Say This, But I Do Not Plan On Greifing The Sprr, Or Raiding It, I Am Going To Make A Little Visit To Tour It Before The Public Greifs It Due To These Cords Being Leaked. And I Will Take Some Screenshots For Historical Reasons, But That Is All I Will Do.
  14. RoxbotChronicles Duping

    Also Thanks For Your Cords, Karma Is A Nasty Kitty, And It Bites :)
  15. RoxbotChronicles Duping

    This Is Not True, I Was Not Duping. I Did Join And Leave A Few Times, But That Does Not Mean I Was Duping. I Was Testing Something Else, That I Would Like To Keep Private From Other Players, But If Admins Need To Know I Will Tell Them.