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  1. Hi Everyone, My Name Is Gamer_Girl1023, Also Known As RoxbotChronicles. Today I Would Like To Talk About The Unethical Behavior Of The Group Know As Sprr. This Is By Far One Of The Most Evil Groups To Ever Exist On The Lair. My Story Of Their Evil Interactions Begins A Few Days Ago With The KIlling And Raiding Of PrinceOfAlinor And His Base. According To PrinceOfAlinor, He Was Just At His Base When Suddenly PrayedGerm, And Zitro72 Appeared, He Tried To Kill Them, And They Killed Him First. They Then Proceeded To Place Withers At His Base, And Greif It Down To The Ground. PrayedGerm Claims PrinceOfAlinor Attacked First, But That Might Have Something To Do With The Fact You Came In His Base. Prayed Claims He Was Invited, However Even If This Was True, It Does Not Excuse The Fact That PrayedGerm And His Evil Crew BEDTRAPED PrinceOfAlinor! He Would Of Never Been Able To Play Again If It Was Not For Me And Someone Else Coming To Rescue Him. Yet Somehow According To PrayedGerm And Zitro72 "He Is The Evil One". Fast Forward A Day Later And I Invite Zitro72 To My Base, Due To The Fact He Told Me He Was Going To Betray The Evil Sprr. I Should Of Never Trusted Him. Around The Same Time Eoviasono Joined My Base, More On That Later. So Anyways Before Zitro72 Came To My Base He Was Still With PrayedGerm. And They Did By Far The Most Horrific Things I Have Ever Seen On The Lair. They Found A Random Base, Owned By Dartx. Dartx Attacked Them Due To The Fact They Were Intruders, And PrayedGerm Proceeded To Kill Him. Dartx Attacking Them Was Justified Due To The Fact They Arrived Unannounced, Without Asking. Prayed And Zitro72 Then Proceeded To Kill Dart Multiple Times, And They Kept Trying To Make Him Tell Where His Teammates Beds Were, To Make Bed traps. This Was Horrific To Watch, And Was Just Pure Torture. Once Dart Logged They Destroyed His Base For No Reason. Finally Lets Talk About My Base, Zitro72 Came Yesterday, And All Seemed Well. Then I Logged Out, And Came Back A Few Hours Later, To Find Prayed At My Base, He Had Betrayed Me. I Knew There Was No Reasoning With These People Once They Betray You, So I Defended Myself. They Burned Down My Base. I Had No Choice But To Kill Both Of Them. I Shudder Knowing What Could Of Happened If I Would Not Of Taken Action. After They Died, They Told Me To Take Their Stuff And "Grow Stronger To Fight Them". This Really Shows That The Sprr Is A Warmongering Clan Of Evil. I Respectfully Declined, And Said They Should Just Come Back To The Base And Take Back Their Stuff. However Apparently According To Them I Am The Evil One, Despite The Fact That I Was Betrayed, And I Was Still Kind Enough To Give Back Their Stuff. Now For The Minor Details, When Leaving The Base, I Figured Out They Had Attempted To Trap My Portal With 8 Portal Frames. I Also Found Out The Reason They Claimed To Be There Was "Only To Get Prince" Which Was Clearly Not The Case Due TO The Fact That They Burned Down MY HOUSE. Even Still, This Gave Me Every Right To Defend Myself Because Prince Was My Teammate. Also About Eoviasono, I Found Out She Was Zitro72's Secret Alt Due To The Fact She Stopped Moving When He Talked, And Seemed To Want To Take Down The Sprr, Just Like Zitro72 Did Before He Betrayed Me. The Moral Of This Story Is To Never Trust The Sprr, They Are An Evil Group Of Warmongers Who Want Everyone They Encounter To Be Harmed. Furthermore, If One Of Them Claims To Want To Join You To Betray The Sprr, Don't Trust Them. All I Wanted Was To Build In Peace And They Attack Me. -Sincerely, Gamer_Girl1023 And The United States Of Craftia PS. I Attached Photos Of My Base After The Sprr Ruined It :(