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  1. Was fighting with RockyAgate without hacks, and he kept flying away from the fight, I saw that his health was at 1, and he did .kill. Screenshot for proof. I am using Rocky's skin, so that is why you see his hand. EDIT: To clearify, Just because i was using hacks in the screenshot, doesn't mean that I was using killaura anything. Also we were both naked, and he only did .kill once.
  2. New GreenGaming8 Banner

    It was worth a try. BTW this was done in 10 minutes with paint, so that's why it's so derp.
  3. New GreenGaming8 Banner

    I made a new banner for GreenGaming8, with love. - TenDarrah
  4. Alas filing false reports

    Innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent.
  5. Alas filing false reports

    Alas has falsely reported me for the first time. Apparently I was duping, now to my knowledge there was once a dupe that was done by disconnecting from the server, but I believe that it no longer works. I was only flying, and was kicked for flying longer than you are supposed to. Also, I would like to point out that this is not the first time that he has made a false report. A teammate of mine was also falsely reported for duping, when she in fact was just disconnected a few times. To Alas, please stop falsely reporting people. Thank you, have a nice day. Edit: I have just noticed he said "These USC idiots." I feel like he is just mad a the USC, and really doesn't think we were duping.