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  1. I miss you guys...

    Those were fun times weren't they?
  2. v100v Update

    I don't doubt your claims one bit.
  3. v100v Update

    New thread merged with preexisting thread. You guys are literally spamming the forums with new unnecessary threads.
  4. v100v Needs A Donation

    Thread locked because this is ridiculous.
  5. I need some help from a staff member

    Erm, not really. You actually have to dig into the files that multicraft runs with.
  6. I need some help from a staff member

    Bahahahahahaha, start learning Regex. It's how Multicraft parses the commands it reads from the server console. The default isn't able to parse names that contain color characters. We had to figure that one out and alter the code ourselves when we encountered this problem years ago.
  7. v100v Update

    Finally people are understanding! What a relief. GG next week.
  8. v100v Update

    Finally you're understanding it! Your constant talk of politicizing everything literally made me not want to play on my own Minecraft servers. That is the reason I'm shutting them down! There's no reason for me to continue paying for these servers if I don't even want to play on them because of the people who are already playing on them. You're finally getting the whole reason for me shutting them down! It took like a whole month for you to finally come around to this, but you're getting it! I have zero reason to keep this community alive because I no longer want to be a part of it because of the player base. I've stated this exact line since I even hinted at the servers shutting down a couple of months ago. But at least you're finally understanding the consequence of your decision to politicize everything. Politics affects everyone you once said. This is how it's affecting you.
  9. v100v Update

    This is why I couldn't stand the players. You've hit the nail on the head with this one. Kinda disappointing that the ones doing exactly this don't seem to understand their behavior has direct consequences.
  10. v100v Update

    Yeah no
  11. New Server

    You probably don't want that much concentrated autism in one place.
  12. v100v Update

    Don't generalize. PPC definitely isn't convinced. I don't care.
  13. Server clone analysis

    No, nothing special is happening
  14. Server clone analysis

    Most likely the first or second. Whenever the billing cycle times out. I don't really care exactly when. It's sometime on those two days though. There won't be any special ceremony hosted by myself. Anyone else can if they want to. The servers will simply shut down and cease to be.
  15. Dear Viper, TIFU

    You probably didn't engage in annoying behavior while I was around. Smart.