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  1. Player Vihreaa has been banned for duping. (So, so many duplicate purple shulker boxes)
  2. Depends on what you're comparing to determine the winner.
  3. Player jordandino417 has been banned for spamming. (The cancer has been culled)
  4. Player iTomYT has been banned for spamming.
  5. (◣_◢)
  6. Wat, just because a URL points here doesn't make it the base URL for the forums. is the official URL. And I'll look into making a toggle for the beautiful work of art that is T H E G R I D.
  7. I'm was wondering when people will finally compile a dictionary of these. The discovery process would be entertaining.
  8. Sounds like someone's insecure.
  9. I hope it's not a hack
  10. 🤔 To turn off nether roof access or not.
  11. I think we'll need to experiment with another test server for the time being. Seeing all the interest this is generating.
  12. Interestingly enough, one of those features sparks my interests.
  13. Economic Left/Right: -0.63 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.36
  14. No bamboozles?