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    It's been a while since a serious post has been made on the forum, so I'll be the first to do so. If any of you stragglers are still visiting this place in hopes that some part of the community will be revived, well there's hope. A small fraction of us- 12 at this moment- have gathered together in our last stand. It's been our goal to ensure that the community of the Lair won't fade in relevance and die for good. We play on the server Sheetzcraft, one of the last true Vanilla Anarchy servers left. We hope you join with us and contribute to letting the community survive. Server IP:
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    HA HA I bet you thought we would die out didn't you Viper? Incorrect, our love for Vipers Lair is undying.
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    Alright Viper's Lair admins, the jig is up, time to stop the joke. It's been a year already since Vipers' has shut down, and while that might be great and all, it's time to put the server back online. We can even get a world reset for 1.13! It'll be great. It's time to go back to the good old days of playing Vipers lair.
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    Nein, that would be a betrayal. Why kill the remaining community if it chooses to live?
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    I started playing PUBG Mobile and recording. Very different game, but I'm enjoying it. I started a new YouTube channel for it:
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    I'm doing something really stupid with this new channel, uploading videos and lists of all my kills in the game weekly for the year 2019. Should be fun.
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    Hey guys, just wanted to come on here to inform you all of a server that we are trying to make just like vipers because I know that I, and many of you miss it. Come join mc.potatoverse.com
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    Yall mind if i... N E C R O P O S T?
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    You guys are like the fungus that grows in the chernobyl reactor, that feeds off the carcinogenic gamma radiation emitted by what remains of the RBMK reactors
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    We are not officially marxist. liked to keep rep at 69.
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    I vote to just go ahead and let it die.