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    Let the viper's lair meme die please, its been 4 months since the server closed. you guys are like immortal herpes on a dead man's corpse.
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    hippity hoppity this forum has become embroiled over people's rights on property
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    Alright Viper's Lair admins, the jig is up, time to stop the joke. It's been a year already since Vipers' has shut down, and while that might be great and all, it's time to put the server back online. We can even get a world reset for 1.13! It'll be great. It's time to go back to the good old days of playing Vipers lair.
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    Cool thx for the help! We joined your server today, me and some friends. We liked it or at least me I can't speak for the others, but I had a good impresion. :) I'm interested in all your servers. ;)
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    Hey SWS, I'm interested in your server and I'm willing to join. I have some questions though. Is it allowed to use exploits, hacks, x-ray,... in the servers? Will there be map resets and if yes in what frequency will there be one? For your information I'm a (small) youtube as well and I'm interested to make a youtube serie on your server. I don't have a lot of followers though, but any help for you is a help extra I think. :) Will there be a sort of in game purchases as well like unban for 5$ or 100 diamonds for 1$? Greetings Valgumir
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    shoo , go away , im locking this
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    Hey guys I made a new video about The People's Lair!
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    ill be surprised if the peoples lair lasts that long
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    Hey guys, just wanted to come on here to inform you all of a server that we are trying to make just like vipers because I know that I, and many of you miss it. Come join mc.potatoverse.com
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    Yall mind if i... N E C R O P O S T?
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    Took a break. Came back. People still dropping in here, huh?
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    Hi guys, my in-game MC name is SWS8964. I own a series of 5 servers called the Echoes Network. Upon hearing about the dissolution of the Vipers servers, my admin team and I have tried to provide a new home for some former members of the Vipers community. SERVER MANAGEMENT: Our management style is very similar to that of the Vipers mods- we have very few rules (don’t spam, don’t cause lag, and don’t crash the server), and the admins are laid back. We take the clockmaker approach to running our servers. All Echoes worlds are completely vanilla too. We only run jars directly from Mojang. You won’t find plugins of any kind on our servers. PLAYER BASE: We’ve adopted quite a few former Vipers players and they seem to like our servers, including a couple players from v100v, prosetos, hendrikpiano, live_sketchy, rockyagate, xpielordx, noxum, and probably more that I’m not aware are former Vipers players. Overall, our player base consists of about 30 regular players. We’re looking to grow it by hiring streamers/youtubers and hopefully seeing if any vipers users like you are interested in checking us out. If you do and you don’t like it, you’ve lost two minutes of your time. Our former vipers players highly recommend our Echoes Survival server! OUR SERVERS: There are five Echoes Network servers, with a further two in the planning stages. Like Vipers, we have a hardcore world, a snapshot world, and a survival server. We also have Echoes Globe (a whitelisted survival server with VERY beautiful terrain, more for builders than people who like anarchy) and Echoes Trash. Echoes Trash is an exercise in Minecraft server marketing. But other than that, it’s a normal vanilla survival server. We’re planning a donors-only whitelisted server, and an ocean world similar to Vipers Oceana. If an ocean server sounds like something you’re interested in, we’d love your feedback on our forums or on our Discord! LINKS TO MORE INFORMATION: Our Discord server: https://discord.gg/ewdzePS Our website: http://echoesmc.com/home/ We’d really appreciate if you took the time to check us out. If you’re interested in connecting with more Vipers users, or getting back the feeling of playing on a Vipers server, we’re the place to look. Have fun and I hope to see you soon!
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    My newest video is online with the server ip in the description. ;)
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    I'm going to visit your servers today! I'll make some videos and see which worlds are best watched ;). I noticed that most of you people live in the USA. I live in Belgium(EU) so we'll have the timezone thing involved, but that shouldn't be a big problem. This is my newest video to show you what kind of youtuber and player I am. Some of my friends might join as well. I'll dive also in the donation sites ;).
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    It was rocky's idea to make the network communist to attract people, I just helped out a lot. Towards the end I was getting pretty tired of the theme since everybody seemed to think we were actually communist and not just communist themed.
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    Here's one more before I go to work. Not really historically accurate, but what the hell why not xD
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    Episode #13 contains an important discovery:
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    Finally, a non-political post! Thank you.
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    Hey green you should make one of those Vipers memes of me and Germ if you haven't already
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    since I got admin on the server I've just been building in creative haha
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    This thread makes me glad that I stopped playing Minecraft while I could
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    guys are you really gonna make me have to lock this thread, srsly make your own forums
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    Age is just a number, it's your maturity that counts.
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    If you guys are interested, we're trying to set up an Echoes modpack. Discussion about it is placed here: http://echoesmc.com/forums/topic/echoes-modpack/
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    Awesome! I'll add your youtube channel to the list of links on the front page of the Echoes site. If you wanna check out Echoes Globe, I can whitelist you there. It's our best server for building.
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    Echoes isn't a communist network thankfully
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    I should also mention, we have a channel specifically for Vipers players on our Discord server. I heard some Vipers players had lost contact with one another and I think this presents a good opportunity for old friends to reunite! If you join the Discord, just @mention me and tell me you're from a Vipers server, and I'll add you to the Vipers channel. We're also on minecraft-server-list.com if you guys wanna read our official server advertisements: Echoes Survival: http://minecraft-server-list.com/server/417388/ Echoes Hardcore: http://minecraft-server-list.com/server/419445/ Echoes Globe: http://minecraft-server-list.com/server/421559/ Echoes Snapshot: http://minecraft-server-list.com/server/421358/ Echoes Trash: http://minecraft-server-list.com/server/421022/
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    Hey Valgumir, I’m glad you’re interested in the server! People are allowed to use exploits, hack, and x-ray. The only exception is you cannot hack on Echoes Hardcore. I will do my best to never reset the map. Barring something unforeseen and extreme, we will always have a backup of the map on every server should something happen to it. We take backups twice a week. You can’t purchase things like pardons or any kind of special treatment. However, we do have a Patreon page and several donation forms that come with rewards for the donors. I went out of my way to make sure donor rewards don’t give players an in-game advantage over people who don’t donate, while still keeping the rewards pretty cool. We’d love to have you on our server! If you’re interested in finding which Echoes world might be best suited for your audience I’d be more than happy to help. And we can promote your channel on the Echoes Discord and on our website if you’d like. Let me know if you have any more questions!
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    Any interested in playing this game with me perhaps? :)
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    I find it highly ironic that you're a nazi and are calling other people cancer. Gtfo here.
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    We are not officially marxist. liked to keep rep at 69.
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    There's no point in replying to him, he's an autistic 22 year old kissless virgin that works in a bakery. He bases someone's entire personality on how they act towards him, which is extremely hypocritical because of his point of "all you think about is yourself". If you want to debate, do it with someone respectable who doesn't call everyone a psychopath for disagreeing. I am done replying to this trash
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