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    The staff here at the Lair apologize for the current server downtime. We were hit with a large DDoS attack which resulted in having to nullroute the targeted IP. We are currently working on improving our services before re-opening the server to the public. (No point in opening the door without changing anything right?) We expect to be up and running within the next week as we would like to perform extensive testing to prevent issues such as this from arising again in the future.
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    * General [Annoyance] No Spamming. [Crash / Lag] Do not fly/run faster than creative speeds. (10 blocks/second) [Crash / Lag] Mods that artificially teleport players are banned. [File Corruption] No item duping.*** [Behavior] Inappropriate behavior is determined by staff discretion * Breaking general rules are bannable offenses. General rules apply to all Viper's Lair servers. *** Items found will be destroyed ** Hardcore [Hacking] All custom clients or hacks are prohibited ** Hardcore rules only apply to the Hardcore Server.
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    I feel that what this server needs is a bit of refreshment, something innovative to be associated with! So I've thought of perhaps beginning a new series on my YouTube channel dedicated to my personal experiences on the Viper's Lair server where I will be showing to my audience my base (not the coords ;p you thought wrong), farm tutorials, completing challenging achievements and raiding perhaps... Here's my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXkGEDB8eSAKHQb0nGtBTjw?view_as=subscriber Do subscribe to the channel as it will help me boost my confidence in making this idea a reality! Comment below whether any of you agree with my idea, maybe YOU yourself can do the same!
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    My friends, as some of you may not know, the server's payment will be ending this October, and because Viper and Dub are the ones paying for it, and they are obviously disinterested in the server, this could be the end of the Vipers Lair server for us all. That is exactly why we need a savior. Tedonculous must save us. As the most active admin, we the people need Ted to step up and become the true god of this server, and for him to be our savior. Without him, the Lair may fall into ruin. The people want you, Ted, to lead us. What shall you do?
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    Hello comrades, here is somescreen shots of the new SPRR for the members of it. @( * O * )@
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    i dont get whats so amusing about crashing a server and ruining everyones fun..... theres a fine line between Trolling and completley ruining everyones fun...
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    It's been a while since a serious post has been made on the forum, so I'll be the first to do so. If any of you stragglers are still visiting this place in hopes that some part of the community will be revived, well there's hope. A small fraction of us- 12 at this moment- have gathered together in our last stand. It's been our goal to ensure that the community of the Lair won't fade in relevance and die for good. We play on the server Sheetzcraft, one of the last true Vanilla Anarchy servers left. We hope you join with us and contribute to letting the community survive. Server IP:
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    All these goodbyes are making me ಥ_ಥ, and I will miss this server greatly. I figured since people are making goodbyes I should make one to. It's been a wonderful pleasure. Sure, not all of it was enjoyable speaking as the person who's been raided/forced to leave their base 11+ times but most of it has been fun. I made many friend, enemies, and a few in between (looking at you Rocky). I've had plenty of heated debates about Communism/Socialism that have been fun overall (I won all of them), I had fun reviving the great group of Rapture twice in the form of New Rapture and the Socialist People's Republic of Rapture and forming a political system and writing the constitution inside SPRR with elections and voting. I had fun during the long peace period of the UN in the End, but I also had fun during the mole wars. Diamond Communist Jesus was a blast while he lasted (Before the moles found him and told Ted to destroy him) and so was serving as a general in the NSA. The cold war between NR and DPRM was tense but looking back on it, it was very entertaining. TUPVA was great, can't forget about that. There are so many memories I've made and probably many more I'm missing. Take the time to post some memories of yours below. I'd like to thank all the Admins that I know. Viper, Ted, Dub, 68k and Maddiiee thank you for serving the server and keeping order. I'd like to thank my friends, Alas, Green8, Nauga, Alpha, Sketchy, Rocky, Zitro, Boogl, Ronin, Ted, Cristian, Bubba, Donald, Pielord, Rimler and Donut. I got to know each an every one of you as friends and I'm glad I met you all. The lair has become my second home over the last year and a half, the place I go when I'm down or bored, but all good things must end eventually. I'll be on the server these final weeks exploring and saying my goodbyes to old bases. It's been a great pleasure. Goodbye for now, Comrades.
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    Green, your autism is triggering me. multicraft does alot more than you think it does.
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    " Why are you making a shrine/temple to an autistic @ss hole exactly? " Such pleasantries. And you have to wonder why you were banned? Do you honestly think that such behavior should be allowed back on the server camoka1?
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    Thank you lord for your meme blessings
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    Mad Queen* Maddie hi guys i watch achievement hunter and went to rtx where they had this throne so obviously i had to take a picture
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    About me, I'm Brazilian, I do not speak English (I use google translate) Games that I play Minecraft StarMade Battlefront In that order of preference Thanks Minecraft StarMade
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    This is a base I (Alpha_Hepp) and a few others whom are listed below have been working on for the past month. Still no where near done, but I think even at it's current state of this post, it looks quite epic! See for yourself below. (: Builders: -Alpha_Hepp -PrayedGerm -Vipers_lair -GreenGaming8 -Green Naugahyde -BogglinglyBrave -TheHolyJack
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    World Wonder Candidate: The Great Tower of Green: Built in the 2nd DPRM base, this tower stretches all the way to sky limit, 256 blocks. It also has a hole under the floor of the tower that goes to bedrock. One of the first truly massive builds on the server.
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    This is to summarize the reasons as to why the actions were taken. Camoka1 has a history of bullying other players, be it subversively via PMs, and whispers, or blatantly and out in the open. Here are some screenshots he has sent to people via PM that were subsequently forwarded to us. Not to mention, the method in which he addresses people out in the public: Let me remind you, that you can also be banned at the moderator's discretion. Being a douche to everyone online, and causing all sorts of headaches for us Admins/Moderators to deal with will be met in kind. Framing other people for duping (Not to say that touching duped items is like touching poop, so don't touch the poop) is not the type of people I personally would like to have playing on my minecraft servers. The admins feel things are better off without such a toxic player in our group. Complaints, discussion, and comments can be made in this thread. Discussion about this elsewhere on the forums is subject to deletion.
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    santa meme has come to town kiddos
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    I hope the admins change their minds, I made this for you guys.
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    Forums have been pretty dead recently so I just thought I'd show off something I've been working on.
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    Hey guys, we've updated our voting system to be a little less derpy! VOTE LINKS Vanillaminecraft-server-list.comminecraft-mp.comminecraftservers.org Oceanaminecraft-server-list.comminecraft-mp.comminecraftservers.org Snapshotminecraft-server-list.comminecraft-mp.comminecraftservers.org Hardcoreminecraft-server-list.comminecraft-mp.comminecraftservers.orgHere's a recap of the voting rewards. You get the following: A randomly selected item.and 5 levelsWe look forward to your votes!! >>-Night->
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    lovely... you get to file a ban appeal now.
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    I don't hit players unless they truly deserve it. (Spawn killers) - I'll Tp around to every player just to get a feel for the way they play and make sure they aren't at DBZ flight speeds. - I don't see a need to harass players, it doesn't help me, it doesn't help them, it ends up harming the server. I do what I can to help out when I can. Yes, players have been getting upset by me, mostly because I'm bound by rules and I stick to them. The players who seem to say I'm in the wrong are the same ones who want special things. (Tp's to cords/lores/super enchanted items) - I will pay them no mind and state that it's not something that I can do for them. --- When one person makes an accusation, check to be sure he himself is not the guilty one. Sometimes it is those whose case is weak who make the most clamour.
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    Weak servers are closing, along with the Pay 2 Win Dinosaurs. Seeing the influx of traffic into Vipers over the past month indicates to me that people have a real appetite for pure minecraft gameplay without all the ranks, kits, lobbies, etc. The box is extremely powerful, especially compared to the old one. Even with the 60-80 people online, the lag has been pretty tolerable. When the old box died, and we changed our DNS, we lost about half of the old community. Since getting back online in the beginning of January, we're more popular than I've ever seen it, and much of the players are brand new. Once we tighten things up security-wise, I think we have a real shot at staying on top for a while.
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    My town exceeds max render distance, so sorry about that. Lots of details not included, this is just a brief tour. Village / Farm Big building Looking down mushroom row Looking in from Black Mesa Looking down into town from the cabin Rotunda side.
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    It's called a COMMUNITY for a reason. If you're only in it for the GAME, then why are you even on the forums?
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    It's been a long 5 years since I first started up a Minecraft server to play on. It started out as a tiny little Vanilla server that I played with a handful of friends. Soon afterwards, I decided to convert it to a Tekkit server (before Tekkit turned into Tekkit Classic). After a while, I switched the server back to being 100% Vanilla, and the rest is history. Viper's Lair is finally shutting its doors to the public for good. This email is to let you know that the month of October 2017 will be the final month that this server will remain online. So it's time to say your good byes and farewell to everyone! It's about time to move on from Minecraft. I'll see you all later. -Viper
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    I finally got around to recording the DPRM Museum Tour video, here it is: And also, here are some screenshots of the museum.
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    Although it lacks a proper name, i present my mediocre custom project for a cool nether entrance cave.
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    Here are the screenshots of my recent build at the DPRM's second base, the Tower of Power!
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    I spent until 4AM working on this, with a total of 3 different softwares. It was incredibly frustrating, but I finally managed to get something that wasn't total trash. The background color represents who had power on the server at that time (Gray is nobody)
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    Definitely not close to done, now we have to fill it with builds!
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    My restaurant in the snapshot server both in my texture pack and in the basic texture pack.
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    I think we'll need to experiment with another test server for the time being. Seeing all the interest this is generating.
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    Hey players of Vipers Lair, I thought I'd post some screenshots of what is honestly likely my best build, in survival mode. Presenting the Holy Church of Green. Worship opens when construction finishes to all DPRM members.
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    why is there a topic about religion on the forums i'm triggered In all seriousness, growing up in the Bible Belt I can confirm that religion is drilled into your head from birth. I can't remember a time my parents didn't take me to church. For a long time I really did think Christianity was the only way to live my life and the only way to be a good person- all because of the way I grew up. I started veering away from my church (basically I stopped going to my youth group) in around sixth or seventh grade because it seemed like no one could come up with a reason for the things they were preaching besides, "Well, that's what the Bible says." Not to mention most of the things dictated in the Bible aren't actually practiced in modern Christianity (hmmmmmm). Christianity- especially Southern Baptist, the biggest denomination down here- is GENERALLY very hypocritical. Emphasis on generally. I don't think my lack of religion is based on non-faith, but on the fact that I pretty much hate everything I've seen from people that are a part of the church. I believe in God. I don't know if I believe in the Bible and the other aspects of the Christian faith but I do like to think there's something bigger than me. I hate to use this very white-girl term, but I guess I'm not religious, I'm spiritual.
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    There's a fine line between having the right to free speech and relentlessly bashing people on the server. If we all dislike this person, why should they be here?
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    Update: Finished roof (with a rooftop garden), finished part of interior / main hall and started on storage area, which will *hopefully* house at least one of every vanilla survival item available in Minecraft. And I apologise if any of these pics aren't clear, for some reason F1 doesn't work properly for me.
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    Here are a bunch of ebautiful screenshots I took on vipers lair
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    On this day in 2012, Viper's Lair was started as a Tekkit server. It would be another month and a half before it was officially converted over to a 100% Vanilla server. (Jan 23, 2013)
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    Joined the Oceana server in May 2015 and the Vanilla one a month or two after. I based with WoozelLegend on both servers, and we mostly played on Oceana but due to the lack of players it got boring. So we came back to the Vanilla server, set out into the wilderness, and made a base. After about 2 months of living there, it was pretty big, too big for just me and Woozel, so we decided to invite DanTheManSP to join us. Although he wasn't online much he was a credit to the group. A month after that we were raided, and our base was completely destroyed -- this was when me and Woozel decided to live separately and move somewhere else due to arguments that stemmed from the raid + grief. I lived on my own, and made a big base, sheit was cash. In fact that base is still standing to this day. However it got boring living on my own so I invited my good friend and ally firepower105 to come live with me. He used my base as a secondary base, and occasionally built stuff there. A few weeks later we both befriended Flux_Pavilion and joined his side in the 'war' between him and GreenGaming, which ended a few weeks later, resulting in peace and later on, an alliance between the two sides. This resulted in an allied base being made with members of both sides of the battle living, building and contributing to the base. We all lived together in harmony until the map reset. Shortly after the reset I decided to team with GreenGaming and around 10 others. We firstly settled in a Mega Taiga which was not an ideal location nor was it a planned one. We built some cool stuff there, not many large scale builds but it was a decent base nonetheless. Since we were only at around 20k blocks the base was griefed shortly after its establishment and as a result we were forced to travel out farther. The next base we made was by far the biggest I have ever been a part of and have had the pleasure of co-leading. We built many amazing things there, most of which can be found scattered across the forums in the form of screenshots, but once again we were at the disadvantage of being close to spawn, and after a lengthy five months of expansion and tedious work, the base was raided and subsequently griefed. So we moved out farther and are in the process of building our new base, which is already a similar size to our old one after only a month's worth of work. First and third screenshots: my first base (archive server) Second screenshot: second and final base (also on the archive server)
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    Hey guys, just a little post about me (Fliegekartoffel) and my friend (Ballistic714) are youtubers now recording on the server ip of van.viper.works in a brand new minecraft series Here's a link to our channels Mine GamingpotatoTrey ---- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClRCpIQARJ4dq-i0-nITgog?view_as=subscriber Ballistic's ------ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfiBjTm7Fxfk7JE1qWefShA Gonna be on a lot recording a new series!
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    Exactly how would one stop hacks on a vanilla server? This Sunday, the average player:admin ratio was 15:1 To "not allow hacks" would involve us just spending time in GM3 and banning people left and right. It's impossible to do, it would suck up all of our time, it's not fun (adminning is a responsibility, but it shouldn't be a total chore). Unless the vanilla code is DRASTICALLY altered and anti-hacking things are included out of the box (unlikely), it's just not possible to prevent hackers (especially with our volume of users).
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    Would you like to pay for the servers to host the minecraft server? Doing this for free does not cost anyone else much aside from time. It costs me a lot per month to single handedly fund these services. The website here needs to be paid for, the teamspeak server is definitely not free. Everything you are using on the internet in terms of Minecraft is not free. Someone has to pay for it. If we had unlimited funds, we'd have the best minecraft service on the planet.
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    Hello My Name is Jaycee and my IGN is BGL1JNC. I have played minecraft for 4 years and love this server because it gives people a real hardcore challenge unlike other hardcore servers this one is legit next to the single-player hardcore this is probably better. Why you may ask well simple viper has two servers a snapshot which you can build using next update blocks flags even with the amazing slime blocks and the vanilla server which gives people the best hardcore challenge while sticking to the same familiar blocks. May I say that the bedrock path by far is the greatest challenge on the snapshot server. Also change the amount of restarts it feels that the server is constantly restarting which is a pain. but i think it would be nice if there was a prize for completing the path because i notice nobody wants to get to the end so they build near spawn. Then they get greifed and then they join and say nope i don't wanna play no more and never join again. Otherwise keep everything the same BECAUSE THE SNAPSHOT SERVER IS AWESOME. Thanx Ppl, Jaycee(BGL1JNC)
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    As you all may know Mojang has announced stricter enforcement of their EULA in a attempts to level the playing field for all players. At this time we will no longer accept donations in exchange for creative mode, instead we are introducing Viper's Path to Creative. So how do I get creative? Accumulating 365 votes for our servers will allow you creative mode on any of our public servers. I donated before enforcement of the EULA, do I still keep my creative mode? Absolutely! All existing donors are grandfathered into Viper's Path to Creative.
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    The staff here at Viper's Lair are happy to announce our new Dedicated Server! Thanks to your support and donations, we're able to provide you with a dedicated server for your Minecrafting needs! Once everything is in place for a server transfer, we'll announce the scheduled time for us to do the busy work of moving everything over from our two servers. We'd like to thank you again for giving us the ability to provide this service, and hope gameplay will dramatically improve for everyone on this shiny new server. Dedicated Server Specifications: 12 x Cores @ 2.13Ghz 16GB DDR3 RAM 2 x 500GB SATA HDDs