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    Three years ago I logged on here when spawn was trash. I got kicked at least twice a day for spamming and annoying Ted. I was an asshole living 100 blocks from spawn, getting annihilated by Raven's Crest. Then eventually moving far out enough and getting super powerful, making both allies and enemies. I became an even bigger asshole; I made a book with everyone's coordinates and sold it. Blah blah blah... Server gets DDoSed and I find out the private temp IP and I play on there everyday while Ted keeps me company while he is at work through console. Server comes back on... IM RICH. I have many allies, I become a nicer and more generous player. I get bored, stop playing for a few months... MC gets updated, new server. I play for a while, stop playing, start playing again, stop playing, start playing, stop playing. (School is really killing me lol sophomore taking college classes trying to get into Westpoint) but dude I really don't understand how the fucking fuck, just logging on here for old times sake and hearing this can make me so ಥ_ಥ. I mean I wasn't even playing because of how busy I was... Like honestly, I am going to miss everyone. Everyone who ever killed me, everyone who I have ever killed, every spawn camper, every abusive admin (I love you adrian and fgds), every admin who had to put up with me (I love you Ted and Dub <3) Dude literally I don't know any of you and Ima miss all of you just from virtual memories.... I hope you ALLLL do SUPER great in life. Nothing but AMAZING memories from this server <333333
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    It's been a long 5 years since I first started up a Minecraft server to play on. It started out as a tiny little Vanilla server that I played with a handful of friends. Soon afterwards, I decided to convert it to a Tekkit server (before Tekkit turned into Tekkit Classic). After a while, I switched the server back to being 100% Vanilla, and the rest is history. Viper's Lair is finally shutting its doors to the public for good. This email is to let you know that the month of October 2017 will be the final month that this server will remain online. So it's time to say your good byes and farewell to everyone! It's about time to move on from Minecraft. I'll see you all later. -Viper