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    K well, I'm the fucker who likes to "TeRrOrIzE aNd bUlLy" people so as you all know I'm going to be killing myself after viper's lair because Scipioluke and I broke up after he broke my nose after face smudging me over skype. this is my will: My duped shulker box collection - Alas (belonged to the dirty hypocrite in the first place) My copies of the Ted derp fest books - Hell My VIP pass to the Memepage Con London - Gate (one for the memepage) Viper's Lair Snapshot - Bill Murray NotWalrus [vipers lair account] - Gate (always loved an alt) My soul - Satan (also known as 68k) My clothes - Alas (they were also duped so must return them so I can get a refund from Tesco) The Viper's Lair Website - Gate (may he make memes for him and only him nvr 4get nvr 4give :'() My freetime - Somewhere other than this bloody website My thanks - Basted Turkey (Entropath) for being one hell of a meme mate on this derp Been a blast shitposting much fun, much cringe Special thanks to Gate for being an oily bastard This is your friendly neighborhood Walrus, signing off the final shitpost on Viper Lair
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    wtf why are you even on this forum
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