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    Here are the screenshots of my recent build at the DPRM's second base, the Tower of Power!
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    This is the second build I've made on the server, the DPRM Bunker! Just like the Tower of Power, I made this one at DPRM's second base. While it isn't the best creation I've made it definitely isn't the worst ;)!
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    Hey! My name is AJ (AJVal02) and I will be joining the Viper's Lair community! I am friends with GreenGaming8 in real life and I became interested in the server when I saw him playing it. My goal is to prove my loyalty and eventually join the DPRM! I am looking forward to playing with all of you, and thank you for your time!
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    Don't worry PancakesPancake has already given me copies! Thank you so much for the advice!!!
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    recently I was banned from vipers lair for a few stupid reasons. 2 reasons, griefing and joking around. When I griefed all I did was make a few creepers blow up at spawn and I placed a few WWII symbols that's it apart from getting some wood. When I was joking around I said I was with camoka1 which I wasn't, I wanted to see what Ted would say. He banned me and it said camoka1 alt. If players are banned like this then I can feel how new comers feel. Idk if Ted just targeted me or he is that stupid. Another thing Ted said was that I had duped items in my E chest. A stack of golden apples with an arm our set!? WTF is he saying? Vipers lair is falling apart without its true owner.
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