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    hippity hoppity this forum has become embroiled over people's rights on property
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    shoo , go away , im locking this
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    ill be surprised if the peoples lair lasts that long
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    Episode #13 contains an important discovery:
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    Finally, a non-political post! Thank you.
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    Hey green you should make one of those Vipers memes of me and Germ if you haven't already
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    Hey guys I made a new video about The People's Lair!
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    a server peopleslair.us.to
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    its funny until 4 years pass
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    since I got admin on the server I've just been building in creative haha
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    This thread makes me glad that I stopped playing Minecraft while I could
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    guys are you really gonna make me have to lock this thread, srsly make your own forums
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    Any interested in playing this game with me perhaps? :)
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    I find it highly ironic that you're a nazi and are calling other people cancer. Gtfo here.
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