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    For two years there was darkness, no hope. For years we thought that the lair was gone forever, but today is a new day. A day where Viper's Lair makes its grand return. I have went through the effort to acquire the vanilla map and the hosting for it. Merry Christmas Lair, I couldn't have asked for a better gift. IP: VIPER.MY.TO Version 1.15.1 Map: Vanilla (post 1.9) Discord server: https://discord.gg/89KEBBK
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    Yoehoo! Our first server video is online as well.
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    Nein, that would be a betrayal. Why kill the remaining community if it chooses to live?
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    who are you to tell us how to play an open world sandbox GAME? The point of Minecraft is to play it how you want, and it doesn't concern you how we like to play the GAME.
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    Finally you're understanding it! Your constant talk of politicizing everything literally made me not want to play on my own Minecraft servers. That is the reason I'm shutting them down! There's no reason for me to continue paying for these servers if I don't even want to play on them because of the people who are already playing on them. You're finally getting the whole reason for me shutting them down! It took like a whole month for you to finally come around to this, but you're getting it! I have zero reason to keep this community alive because I no longer want to be a part of it because of the player base. I've stated this exact line since I even hinted at the servers shutting down a couple of months ago. But at least you're finally understanding the consequence of your decision to politicize everything. Politics affects everyone you once said. This is how it's affecting you.
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    I vote to just go ahead and let it die.