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    All these goodbyes are making me ಥ_ಥ, and I will miss this server greatly. I figured since people are making goodbyes I should make one to. It's been a wonderful pleasure. Sure, not all of it was enjoyable speaking as the person who's been raided/forced to leave their base 11+ times but most of it has been fun. I made many friend, enemies, and a few in between (looking at you Rocky). I've had plenty of heated debates about Communism/Socialism that have been fun overall (I won all of them), I had fun reviving the great group of Rapture twice in the form of New Rapture and the Socialist People's Republic of Rapture and forming a political system and writing the constitution inside SPRR with elections and voting. I had fun during the long peace period of the UN in the End, but I also had fun during the mole wars. Diamond Communist Jesus was a blast while he lasted (Before the moles found him and told Ted to destroy him) and so was serving as a general in the NSA. The cold war between NR and DPRM was tense but looking back on it, it was very entertaining. TUPVA was great, can't forget about that. There are so many memories I've made and probably many more I'm missing. Take the time to post some memories of yours below. I'd like to thank all the Admins that I know. Viper, Ted, Dub, 68k and Maddiiee thank you for serving the server and keeping order. I'd like to thank my friends, Alas, Green8, Nauga, Alpha, Sketchy, Rocky, Zitro, Boogl, Ronin, Ted, Cristian, Bubba, Donald, Pielord, Rimler and Donut. I got to know each an every one of you as friends and I'm glad I met you all. The lair has become my second home over the last year and a half, the place I go when I'm down or bored, but all good things must end eventually. I'll be on the server these final weeks exploring and saying my goodbyes to old bases. It's been a great pleasure. Goodbye for now, Comrades.
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    Three years ago I logged on here when spawn was trash. I got kicked at least twice a day for spamming and annoying Ted. I was an asshole living 100 blocks from spawn, getting annihilated by Raven's Crest. Then eventually moving far out enough and getting super powerful, making both allies and enemies. I became an even bigger asshole; I made a book with everyone's coordinates and sold it. Blah blah blah... Server gets DDoSed and I find out the private temp IP and I play on there everyday while Ted keeps me company while he is at work through console. Server comes back on... IM RICH. I have many allies, I become a nicer and more generous player. I get bored, stop playing for a few months... MC gets updated, new server. I play for a while, stop playing, start playing again, stop playing, start playing, stop playing. (School is really killing me lol sophomore taking college classes trying to get into Westpoint) but dude I really don't understand how the fucking fuck, just logging on here for old times sake and hearing this can make me so ಥ_ಥ. I mean I wasn't even playing because of how busy I was... Like honestly, I am going to miss everyone. Everyone who ever killed me, everyone who I have ever killed, every spawn camper, every abusive admin (I love you adrian and fgds), every admin who had to put up with me (I love you Ted and Dub <3) Dude literally I don't know any of you and Ima miss all of you just from virtual memories.... I hope you ALLLL do SUPER great in life. Nothing but AMAZING memories from this server <333333
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    Yes yes, maybe the long lived Bowser has faded into legend, but even legends have feelings, and this one is ಥ_ಥ about the closing of the Lair. From the Clan, to the many bases and alliances I formed, to the great Admins who made it all possible, I want to thank you guys for the awesome experience. This server has definitely been special for me, not just because of the countless memories made here, but it was literally my first minecraft server i joined. I was still but a newbie when i first joined, I knew the basics, but by comparison most players were still many levels ahead of me. I learned how to REALLY play minecraft here, and I got gud at MC here. I made many friends and enemies, all of which i have a respect for. (Seriously, anyone with the balls to pester me deserves some respect :) jk lol ) I guess my main point here is to say goodbye to you guys and thank you for the experience. But I did hear the forums would still be up? If so I will definitely keep in touch :) P.S. If youd like, Join Vnlla. They could use more players, and You'll probably see me there too. vnlla.net
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    It's been a long 5 years since I first started up a Minecraft server to play on. It started out as a tiny little Vanilla server that I played with a handful of friends. Soon afterwards, I decided to convert it to a Tekkit server (before Tekkit turned into Tekkit Classic). After a while, I switched the server back to being 100% Vanilla, and the rest is history. Viper's Lair is finally shutting its doors to the public for good. This email is to let you know that the month of October 2017 will be the final month that this server will remain online. So it's time to say your good byes and farewell to everyone! It's about time to move on from Minecraft. I'll see you all later. -Viper
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    yas viper give rocky -100 reputation he deserves it
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    It's been fun, and we've met lots of great people over the years. But it's now time to move onto bigger and better things. Cya!
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    ClUeLeSs KiDs ʞɔnɟ me the amount of arrogance over something so meaningless as a reputation in a video game about virtual legos it is so almost funny almost
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    I loved every moment of playing on this server. It truly is one of a kind, too bad cancerous players had to ruin it for you and for us.
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    I absolutely love this server. It has become a part of me, and always will be. This server is one of a kind. Thank you.
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    you lost me when you said entropath was a co-owner
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    First my server has a name, OblivionCraft. Also I'm not the only owner, Entropath and Alphalibre are co owners. You can ask them to verify that. The server is also hired from server.pro if you want to know. Untrustworthy, idk why you think that exept you believe in all kinds of rumors and not in rational based arguments.
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    who tf are you v100v, very fishy. I dont recommend joining what ever server this guy sets up, he will probably use it to collect personal info or something malicious .
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    yeah that strictly vanilla server looks disgusting but we should go start spouting about communism on there Edit: We all should form a team and peacefully (lol) take control of the server
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    Dear readers, Most of you guys haven't really know me, I was known as kisseps in the old times. I came online almost 4 years ago on the amplified server. I created an underground utopia called Paradise by its citizens and everyone else who knew the existence of the city. We were basicly a small community with a communist economy mixed with a direct form of democracy. I lived there with the other lads and friends of mine: Entropath, Lerd-Walrus, Ifoliver, AgentM, AlphaLibre, Kirkrehfeld, Kildude28, Fudgy, Swifter, droidwoman, diggy. Other friendly players like alas, scip, ted, Val, doejoe and some other dudes have visited it as well. For those who want to see real evidence from it can check out the videos I made on this YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjGkusm4Xe0_yObh3e7A3xg?view_as=subscriber My bounds with the greatest friends in my life grew very deep into my hart, sadly enough not with everyone of this small, cozy community. We had a dream on the server! We lived in it, until the end of the nice song came ahead. Eventually a mix of civil war, hatred, jalousy, fights and external enemies broke it. But we all in a sort of way grew out of it. We became stronger, more intelligent, more mature,... We came out of it as true, deep and real friends or as old, but not forgoten enemies. I'm not perfect, I'm just a small guy in a big world. I regret what I did to some people, the things I said to people who saw me as a friend and who I hurted straight in their hart. It was not empathicfull what I did or mature how I reacted, but I learned out of the mistakes I made. I learned to accept my fellow humans for who they are, not for who I want them to be and I'm gratefull to see them walking aside my side on this adventure on earth. Today that dream lives forward on a secret server, hidden and protected from everyone who wants to harm it until the end of times. On a place where the sun never goes down, where nobody needs to live in fear of raiders, griefers. A realm where the principles of liberty, equality and friendship are real. I reach a hand out to all those who want to join, build, develop this Paradise, for those who want to have fun with friends, who accept inherently those values into their hart. Feel free to join our community. Sincerly Valgumir/kisseps Ps: Interested? Message me on steam(Valgumir)
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    K well, I'm the fucker who likes to "TeRrOrIzE aNd bUlLy" people so as you all know I'm going to be killing myself after viper's lair because Scipioluke and I broke up after he broke my nose after face smudging me over skype. this is my will: My duped shulker box collection - Alas (belonged to the dirty hypocrite in the first place) My copies of the Ted derp fest books - Hell My VIP pass to the Memepage Con London - Gate (one for the memepage) Viper's Lair Snapshot - Bill Murray NotWalrus [vipers lair account] - Gate (always loved an alt) My soul - Satan (also known as 68k) My clothes - Alas (they were also duped so must return them so I can get a refund from Tesco) The Viper's Lair Website - Gate (may he make memes for him and only him nvr 4get nvr 4give :'() My freetime - Somewhere other than this bloody website My thanks - Basted Turkey (Entropath) for being one hell of a meme mate on this derp Been a blast shitposting much fun, much cringe Special thanks to Gate for being an oily bastard This is your friendly neighborhood Walrus, signing off the final shitpost on Viper Lair
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    Let it be known that behavior like yours is why I can't stand to play on my own Minecraft servers. This type of behavior is exactly why I'm shutting down the servers. Myself and Dub can completely afford to pay for the server for as long as we're able to. But why pay for something we're never going to use because we can't stand the people who play on the thing we pay for? So thank you for finally convincing me to shut things down. You're saving us money in our own pockets from having to pay for something we wouldn't want to use anyway. Yourself, CristianTheRich, and RockyAgate can basically be the ones to thank for literally making the Admins ashamed of their own player base.
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    just because we have a dead server doesn't mean we need to have a dead meme page
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    I don't think banning a cancerous egomaniac is a mistake, mind you. His behavior was quite.... innappropriate.
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    And to think someone let their ego get so big that they got banned because they couldn't see how over inflated it was.
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    That's cuz im like a classic. The one you clueless kids know nothing about but the players who matter do know ;)
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    That moment when the server is going to end in like 2 weeks but the forums are more active than they've ever been all year
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    Youre old topdog bowser but still topdog none the less
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    Ever more glad Halloween is just 2 weeks away.
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    Ah, the good ol days of warfare and the struggle for Clan supremacy. Why can't we all just get along? P.S. We all know I was the best >:] #BowserEmpireWasTheGreatestClanToEverGraceVipers
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    Hence why I'm glad this will all be over soon. So close!
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    @v100v If you can prove that you're not some random guy trying to obtain our information, I think a ton of us would love to join. With regards, Alas
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    can we get greengaming8 to more reputation than viper as a Halloween final prank
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    Dear ViperSRT3g and DubFilter, It has been a pleasure to play on your server. Much fun has been provided by your service to the community, hosting this server has brought many people together and created many friendships, and you are thanked and commended for making this all possible. I would also like to take a moment to thank the large donator who has helped keep this server alive for much longer than it would of been. Thank you DubFilter, without your donations towards the server bill, Viper's Lair would of died out long ago. I wish everyone the best of luck for whatever comes next in our journeys. With Regards, v100v
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    You can say that all you want, but the fact you have gone to lengths to hide your ingame identity from your forum account, and no one has ever seen or heard of you before. I have nothing against anonymity, but since there is no way to even associate you with the server, yet you seem to know alot about it, leads me to think that you might be phishing people, hence the warning. given the thousand of scammers that have been banned on the server, it wouldn't surprise me that one of them would take advantage of the server closing as an opportunity. You cannot and should not be trusted.
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    Dear xpielordx, v100v now has a dedicated subreddit, located at http://reddit.com/r/v100v. Please go to this subreddit for any future inquires you may have about v100v. With Regards, v100v
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    Hey I oped a new public server with no rules, no limitations, no whitelist, no plugins,... I'll give it a month time to see if there is anyone interested in this. ip: Feel free to join :)
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    Very simple to comprehend: New no rules server to join. IP: ikeydoug.ddns.net IP: ikeydoug.ddns.net IP: ikeydoug.ddns.net
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    if only that were true, rocky time to give up the conspiracy theories, this isn't a joke or a secret plot
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    Yes the "turn off the server forever" update, quite exciting.
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    If all else fails, I have found a completely vanilla server, play.epiland.com. It does not appear to have any rules, world border, griefing, or chat restrictions. Perhaps we could all play on there. SERVER IP: play.epiland.com
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    that server sucks we changed our minds lol
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    I've been here for some time now, it was fun seeing all the groups interact and seeing builds. I had a blast playing on here, although I don't truly think this is the end. I believe the Viper's Lair will live on, be it through players or another host. Thanks viper.
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    Name: Viper's Lair [Vanilla] URL: van.viper.works Vote URLs Minecraft-Server-List.com Server Statistics: Minecraft-MP.com This minecraft server is dedicated to being entirely vanilla, with no server plugins or modifications. It uses custom world generation. PVP, and PVE are enabled.
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    Hi, I am the much talked about person X, the person who is to save the server. I am going to be starting a vanilla anarchy server named v100v. It will be run much like this server, and open very soon. The reason this server is being made is due to the fact that the end has come. Also, please keep in mind some small (positive) changes will be implemented on v100v in comparison to this server. More on that later. Due to the fact that payment for this website will also likely end soon, please go to https://www.reddit.com/r/vandotviperdotworks for any discussion about the server. I am aware this is not the offical server subreddit, however r/viperslair is locked. Due to the fact that I do not own r/vandotviperdotworks, it will not be the offical place to discuss v100v in the future. However my reddit account is not old enough to make a subreddit yet, so please, everyone just use r/vandotviperdotworks if this site goes down, as it was the only community subreddit I could find.
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    "Much talked about person X" boi nobody been talkin about you.
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    well you obviously dont remember RockyAgate well enough to remember his name
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    I still don't know where you're getting this from. The server is still quite active.
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