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    I know this forum is pretty much dead, but I just wanted to showcase my singleplayer work on the DPRM III base myself and my team had while the server was still active. This was made on and off over the course of the two years the server has been dead, and was conceived pretty much from pure boredom. Allow me to give you a tour:
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    A lot of you might not remember me, because I was here around 2014-17, this was my first server on this game and I thought it was pretty nice. I just felt like giving it a visit after a few years and its saddening to see how it has withered away down to 12 people... I guess its just how it is, I'm honestly surprised some of you guys I knew before are still here, congrats on staying alive this long. Ill be sure to give this new server you survivors say you moved to real soon. I guess this is my farewell to you, Vipers Lair. It was nice playing here all that time ago! -icew01f