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    Hello comrades, here is somescreen shots of the new SPRR for the members of it. @( * O * )@
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    World Wonder Candidate: The Church of Green: Built in the DPRM III base, this church is a wonder of modern architecture by GreenGaming8 himself.
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    Here's a poll for the players of Vipers Lair. I'd like to point out the amount of admins playing recently has been quite low, for a while too. Most of the time, it seems that admins are doing very little for the server, and because of that I've made this poll to reflect the opinions of the players for the admins to see.
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    Base Update: Lots of progress has been made at the new SPRR base. Looking forward to great things in the future!
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    Duping is a problem, but while hacks are still permitted on the server, dupers will still reign supreme over more honest players, so a map reset will not help long-term. After a reset, there will be no duped items (obviously), but when players begin obtaining valuable items, they will want more, then dupe them. There will always be people who want to break the rules and there will always be people who are greedy.
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    Damn I wish this woulda happened.
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    Your knowledge of taking screenshots reflects on your knowledge of the server. Hacking is allowed on the vanilla server.
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    I mean Ive never seen dm5w7ntb4j1hz8 on the server before so you can't be a regular on vanilla.
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    Admins: duping is a major problem for this server Admins: Let's do nothing about it Players: How about install a plugin to prevent duping Admins: No, that wouldn't make the server vanilla anymore Players: Then do something about the dupers Admins: no
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    new map art available for sale/free hit up thelampgod ingame
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    Its not my fault im the only one who makes super big builds, but Ill allow you to keep only one build from each base I suppose
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    that's unfair to people who make multiple wonders in one base
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    oh yeah Ive taken this test
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    why do you have a shoe on your head
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    Played here since early 2014. Propably the only one from that era who still plays xd, but whatever. It's the only good Vanilla Anarchy server out there, although it's ಥ_ಥ to see that the DDOS attack last summer (i think?) affected the amount of players ALOT. But the good news is, lately more people start to creep in. :)
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    10/10 top quality meme
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    When RockyAgate tries to spell:
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    Here we are with yet another poll! This one will be centered about real life things, so make sure to vote! If you have any more ideas for posts, make sure to speak up.
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    pls y the fuck does this happen everyday
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    how would I know? and whats to prevent you from using a vpn because green is an edgy cucc, you ask a sTo0pId question green
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    so you have undeniable proof that memebot and I are the same person? do we have the same IP address?
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    This is what I imagine Memebot to be like irl but Sonic is replaced with Green
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    in my appeal ted said that all the duped items stopped appearing when i got banned, this is a stupid lie, i tried joining hardcore server a while ago and i got killed by a skeleton, and recently when i came back i see a ton of duped items, how is this possible? i never played on this server lmfao, ted, u are a dissapointment
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    Viper, in the post when he banned me, said "so many purple shulker boxes." While I'm not completely sure as to what he meant by that, the only thing I could think of is this, my shulker box room. This is a room made up of 100% legit shulker boxes collected from shulkers themselves, all members of the DPRM can vouch for that. And if you still think they're duped, then why aren't all of the walls filled? There are a few empty spots on the wall where there would be filled with shulker boxes.
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    triggered commie alert
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    hm, ok, Ill just keep one of my builds per base
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    Is mayonnaise an instrument?
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    So how can you find someones base with IP's?
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    Hi, I typed a history report on my history in Vipers Lair, enjoy. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PVDQJwby3QE3AIpq1vqSeyb-tP0rxUtypg6nVlsou0Y/edit?usp=sharing
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    But heres the thing, mrpufnstuff will always take priority over you because I know actually know him in real life, youre just a random person on the internet.
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    So I just had an idea. So when the map gets updated, we start a new map for the server, One of the admins or Viper gives out the world download, and everyone who has nice or decent bases gives their coords of their base/old bases (This wont harm them because we'll be making a new map) and ppl can download the world and go look at ppls bases.
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    You know you can't just do that Flealick, right? Thats against the rules and chubbyy had every right to keep those weapons he got, not to mention it still is OP abuse, even is you didnt take any items. ​
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    So King Chubbyy and I were playing on vipers lair, and this player names dluopa was on, i decided to duel him. I was waiting at spawn, and then he tped to spawn. He instantly killed me. At spawn, with the protection. King chubbyys and mine guess was Op items or some hacked client that is unfit for this server, as he one shot me with maxed out armor, not to mention he broke it all. dluopa is a donator i believe, because his name is dark blue. Id just like to report this saying that OP items are banned and anyone with them would be banned. Note: Im looking into the topic now.
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    Nah, cant do that, then everything would explode
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    Just thought id share some new stuff in the snapshot, Dual weild and You can wear the dragon head!