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  2. We aren't gone yet.

    To be honest the main reason I stopped playing minecraft was because vipers lair shut down
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  4. We aren't gone yet.

    Boi I was being sour. Also, death has occurred.
  5. We aren't gone yet.

    So hows that People's Lair Server going?
  6. We aren't gone yet.

    Seems accurate. The shutting down of the Lair was very much like the Chernobyl disaster. Incompetent staff, destruction, radiation poisoning. So many parallels.
  7. Wow. It's been around 5 years, and I remembered that this exists. Hello o/


  8. We aren't gone yet.

    You guys are like the fungus that grows in the chernobyl reactor, that feeds off the carcinogenic gamma radiation emitted by what remains of the RBMK reactors
  9. We aren't gone yet.

    Nein, that would be a betrayal. Why kill the remaining community if it chooses to live?
  10. We aren't gone yet.

    why are people still here
  11. We aren't gone yet.

    I vote to just go ahead and let it die.
  12. We aren't gone yet.

    HA HA I bet you thought we would die out didn't you Viper? Incorrect, our love for Vipers Lair is undying.
  13. Since my Glassland World got corrupted

    I'm doing something really stupid with this new channel, uploading videos and lists of all my kills in the game weekly for the year 2019. Should be fun.
  14. I started playing PUBG Mobile and recording. Very different game, but I'm enjoying it. I started a new YouTube channel for it:
  15. A Visitor From the Past...

    A lot of you might not remember me, because I was here around 2014-17, this was my first server on this game and I thought it was pretty nice. I just felt like giving it a visit after a few years and its saddening to see how it has withered away down to 12 people... I guess its just how it is, I'm honestly surprised some of you guys I knew before are still here, congrats on staying alive this long. Ill be sure to give this new server you survivors say you moved to real soon. I guess this is my farewell to you, Vipers Lair. It was nice playing here all that time ago! -icew01f
  16. A lot of us moved to minepurist. Feel free to join us.

    snowproper is aight, hes just a little fucky is all.
  17. We aren't gone yet.

    Our group has grown and is still growing. The world is infinite in the server so no worries about how far away you can build your base. ;) If you want to join our group specific you need need to ask Germ or Rocky if you may join. The server also allows hacked clients like aristois. Read the rules at spawn when you join. ;)
  18. We aren't gone yet.

    It's been a while since a serious post has been made on the forum, so I'll be the first to do so. If any of you stragglers are still visiting this place in hopes that some part of the community will be revived, well there's hope. A small fraction of us- 12 at this moment- have gathered together in our last stand. It's been our goal to ensure that the community of the Lair won't fade in relevance and die for good. We play on the server Sheetzcraft, one of the last true Vanilla Anarchy servers left. We hope you join with us and contribute to letting the community survive. Server IP:
  19. SnowProper is cancer
  20. Alright Vipers, the Jig is Up.

    I and Green founded the DPRM lole
  21. New Amplify Server

    Hey guys we have started up a new minecraft server. The terrain is amplified, the map is nearly unlimited, there are no map resets. Hacks and hacked clients are allowed. It's not allowed to bully, spam, toxic chat,... what in my opinion killed the viper's lair community. ip:
  22. New Server, Just like Vipers!

    Cool I will check it out!
  23. Hey guys, just wanted to come on here to inform you all of a server that we are trying to make just like vipers because I know that I, and many of you miss it. Come join
  24. Alright Vipers, the Jig is Up.

    nah. most people have moved on. the admins don't need any more grief anyhow lol. a world download would certainly be nice though.
  25. Alright Vipers, the Jig is Up.

    no u
  26. Alright Vipers, the Jig is Up.

    Oh I'm sorry I didn't know, please take no offense. It's just that I met rocky that I thought he was the founder, leader of the group. But please feel free to visit our newest bases in the server! ;)
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