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  2. DPRM III - Revamped

    it's beautiful! :o
  3. DPRM III - Revamped

    I know this forum is pretty much dead, but I just wanted to showcase my singleplayer work on the DPRM III base myself and my team had while the server was still active. This was made on and off over the course of the two years the server has been dead, and was conceived pretty much from pure boredom. Allow me to give you a tour:
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  5. I miss you guys...

    Henlo there
  6. Loss

    Same for the other maps tbh
  7. Loss

    Viper, what's it gonna take? As a member of the former Snapshot server I had experienced the shutdown first and knew you'd given up and with it the server would be shut down. I ask, no, let me rephrase that, I beg, for the old map file for the Snapshot server if you have it. What amount of money is it gonna take? I'd give a lot just to stroll through my old base and fantasize about old times. Sorry, guys, this may be random but I really miss this, I have a few of you added on discord and steam and thank my lucky stars for it. Signing off, DoeJoe8 DoeJoe8#7723 I still play Minecraft, just not as much anymore
  8. I miss you guys...

    see my petition to revive vipers lair in the website chat
  9. I miss you guys...

    Never expected to see you here again
  10. I miss you guys...

    Those were fun times weren't they?
  11. I miss you guys...

    For those who may or may not remember me, "Hello!" I'm Jack, I started playing on Vipers lair out of interest; following 2b2t's popularization of 2016/17, under the name TheHolyJack. I guess you could say that I was curious about anarchy servers and tried my luck and finding one that had a somewhat friendly and active player base... incomes vipers lair: from the first moments I joined I met a player, this players name was Alpha (I think) and he was pretty damn well nice to me, he introduced me to a community of people who were friendly enough to take me on as building apprentices (Nauga) and other activities such as having strange poem battles haha. After a few months of playing ( or more? ) I started to really enjoy these people's company. Fast-forward some time and I came to realise that these people were genuinely happy to see me on the server; something I've yet to come close to ever since. To put it lightly I stopped playing Minecraft after I had to do my exams (Some of you may remember how stressed I was haha; thank you for the supporting messages, I passed everything with flying colours!), I simply forgot about it, during that time visited Minecraft again, I don't remember when this was but I decided to visit VipersLair to see who was on (I'm sure you know where this is going...). The server wasn't online. perhaps some maintenance on the server or it was just my connection, so I got to this very sight and find out the bad news. I was pretty hurt, to be honest. Though I came to realise that it wasn't exactly the server I missed, It was the people I'd met, those people who I remember would be; Alpha, Nauga, PrayedGerm(ComradeGerm now, probably got the old name wrong), Greengaming and I'm definitely sure there were others who I can't seem to remember at the moment (Sorry guys!). I miss you guys, it has been a while though would be great to have as many people as possible meet up on a discord server or Minecraft Server, perhaps both one day just for old times sake :) I have some old screenshots to share if anyone is interested? This would mostly relate to Nauga. For anyone who remembers me, please do comment I would love to chat! Feel free to add me on Discord at JackTheNothing#1361
  12. just passed 4 years on the forums!!! epic games

  13. We aren't gone yet.

    lol Sheetz shut down
  14. We aren't gone yet.

    i remember you because you have the word liver in your name
  15. We aren't gone yet.

    I might start playing there occasionally, but I doubt any of you really remember me because I played snapshot more than vanilla. It'll also be a bit weird since entro, walrus, agentm, and i sort of memed valgumir for the things he's said/done.
  16. We aren't gone yet.

    Hey green i am gonna start on this server sometime this week, I hope players play it i am super exited to return as a know person. See you soon.
  17. We aren't gone yet.

    Obligatory N E C R O P O S T
  18. We aren't gone yet.

    Unfortunately, it never will be.
  19. We aren't gone yet.

    I forgot about this server, its been a few years. I hope it'll be revived
  20. We aren't gone yet.

    Since when have you stopped playing minecraft
  21. We aren't gone yet.

    To be honest the main reason I stopped playing minecraft was because vipers lair shut down
  22. We aren't gone yet.

    Boi I was being sour. Also, death has occurred.
  23. We aren't gone yet.

    So hows that People's Lair Server going?
  24. We aren't gone yet.

    Seems accurate. The shutting down of the Lair was very much like the Chernobyl disaster. Incompetent staff, destruction, radiation poisoning. So many parallels.
  25. Wow. It's been around 5 years, and I remembered that this exists. Hello o/


  26. We aren't gone yet.

    You guys are like the fungus that grows in the chernobyl reactor, that feeds off the carcinogenic gamma radiation emitted by what remains of the RBMK reactors
  27. We aren't gone yet.

    Nein, that would be a betrayal. Why kill the remaining community if it chooses to live?
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