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  2. Alas is a fucking walnut.

    Alas is a fucking walnut. Let this be known. He should probably unban me from v100v discord.
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  4. Final Videos... I will miss this place.

    We can maybe play some other video games together as well on steam for example? :)
  5. Final Videos... I will miss this place.

    I have this problem too. Idek why.
  6. Final Videos... I will miss this place.

    so it isn't just me lmao vipers lair, even without minecraft, binds us together
  7. Well, with vipers dead, v100v very close to being dead, and 2b2t now costing 20$ a month for laggy survival, their is basicly no good places left to play survival with a decent playerbase. Does anyone know of any preferably large fun to play on servers? at this point im open to non vanilla gameplay, but their must be somthing left.
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  9. Final Videos... I will miss this place.

    v100v seemed the most popular alternative last time I checked. Personally I've been gone from minecraft for over a month. but my habit of checking this website for new posts continues... sigh
  10. Final Videos... I will miss this place.

    I guess I'll keep posting videos until the site dies. Where are most people playing now?
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  12. DPRM Reformation

  13. DPRM Reformation

    does the server still work? For some reason it gives me an error each time I try to connect. Also for only one other server I go on. Not version error
  14. Cause

    eh the forms are far from 100% done. Plenty of us are still here, we just dont have much to post about, and all the topic catigories are related to vipers lair server, which is dead. If viper added some new categories for new servers like pies, v100v, and fluxes server, people would probably use it more to post stuff related to those servers/
  15. Cause

  16. Final Videos... I will miss this place.

    Might as well keep it up.
  17. Cause

    I agree, but now it's slowing down the activities. :( btw a new video about our progress on our server:
  18. Cause

    Honestly i feel like more people check this now then they did before it was all over.
  19. Cause

    I thought this was going to be Soviet propaganda; "DONATE TO THE CAUSE NOW, CALL 1-800-COMMUNISM"
  20. Cause

    Who still periodically checks the forums due to habit even though the server and forums are 100% done?
  21. Final Videos... I will miss this place.

    Since this site is still here for now, I figure I might as well post the first couple of videos from my new series. I think this one is going to be fun.
  22. [DL] Rebuilt Alas Castle.

    Rebuilt Alas Castle. View File I took it upon myself to recreate a landmark near spawn, I haven't fully finished it. But I believe it looks damn well worth it. Submitter Wulfang Submitted 11/21/17 Category Resource Packs  
  23. Rebuilt Alas Castle.

    Version 1.12.2


    I took it upon myself to recreate a landmark near spawn, I haven't fully finished it. But I believe it looks damn well worth it.
  24. v100v Update

    v100v Update 11/18/2017: Dear Lair, Over the past week, v100v has improved quite a bit. We now have a new spawn (images should show up below) with much better anti-greif, and more importantly it looks cooler. We have also added in the most important edition, restarts upon the server crashing, and regular scheduled announced restarts (right now they happen every 2 hours, this can be changed to a different value in the future). Furthermore. we now have some new text based chat commands: #vote : typing #vote in chat will bring up the future voting to the server. #reddit : typing #vote in chat will bring up the page to the v100v official reddit #??? : I have added one secret command. can you find it? Along with these commands, I have added some of the classic chat spam with server related links that we all had a love hate relationship with on the Lair (I have toned it down a bit from how bad it was on the Lair, but I am not going to get rid of it completely even if the community wants me to due to the fact that it significantly increases new player retention). v100v is expected to release to server list on thanksgiving day 2017. The only thing we have left to prepare is some extra links, and a revamped spawn guide book. All this can be down very effortlessly. Also as a final note, I would like to say that v100v will not be moving to Multicraft as was expected. We did obtain a license key to Multicraft, however due to issues with the program, and the fact that I recently discovered some features I did not know about in BukkitGui (our current wrapper), I am going to keep the server on BukkitGui for simplicity sake. This will have no effect on the features I have planned for v100v, due to the fact that I have found a way to do everything that was needed with BukkitGui. The only reason we will eventually make the switch to Multicraft in the far future is because BukkitGui has no support for automated voting. However, this is not really an issue right now due to the fact that you need code to run automated voting, and that can take months to do correctly. FYI: BUKKITGUI IS NOT THE SAME AS BUKKIT. v100v is still 100% vanilla, BukkitGui is only a wrapper over the vanilla console. P.S: Due to the fact that the server information has become buried in the thread, I am posting it here: SERVER IP: Reddit: If you have not joined the Reddit yet, and still actively play the game and engage in the community, I strongly encourage you to join. This is due to the fact that slowly this site is beginning to be naturally phased out by the community, as more posts are being made on the Reddit, and less and less are being made here. This is a gradual process, and I do not expect this site to be 100% dead anytime soon, however it is slowly beginning to decay.
  25. Final Videos... I will miss this place.

    The finale is now up. Thanks all. See ya' around.
  26. v100v Update

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