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  2. Viperworks IP

    It hasnt been brought back my dude. However many of us went to go play on Echoes, a very similar server, if you want join us there: the IP if i remember correctly lol
  3. Viperworks IP

    I realize that ViperWorks was shut down a long time ago and I was wondering the new ip adress.
  4. Wurst

    Wurst MC 1.12 OF.jar
  5. Final Videos... I will miss this place.

    Took a break. Came back. People still dropping in here, huh?
  6. Make Vipers Great Again!

    One question: why?
  7. I feel like we shouls not reach a month without a post, so im making the effort to make one. Enjoy.
  8. The Echoes Network: A New Home For Vipers Players

    who bans my beloved lampu >:(((
  9. nice "anarchy" server, banning me for drama on another server, while i didn't break any rules on echoes :^) posting here since sws can't remove my post here :)
  10. If anyone is interested in a more challenging experience, check out the new Echoes Underground server. It’s a superflat world with ground level at y232. The premise is that everyone lives in caves. You can learn more on our discord and here:
  11. My newest video is online with the server ip in the description. ;)
  12. Sounds cool I have replied on the post.
  13. If you guys are interested, we're trying to set up an Echoes modpack. Discussion about it is placed here:
  14. Cool thx for the help! We joined your server today, me and some friends. We liked it or at least me I can't speak for the others, but I had a good impresion. :) I'm interested in all your servers. ;)
  15. The Echoes Network: A New Home For Vipers Players

    not tired of communism, tired of people insulting me for communism.
  16. Awesome! I'll add your youtube channel to the list of links on the front page of the Echoes site. If you wanna check out Echoes Globe, I can whitelist you there. It's our best server for building.
  17. I'm going to visit your servers today! I'll make some videos and see which worlds are best watched ;). I noticed that most of you people live in the USA. I live in Belgium(EU) so we'll have the timezone thing involved, but that shouldn't be a big problem. This is my newest video to show you what kind of youtuber and player I am. Some of my friends might join as well. I'll dive also in the donation sites ;).
  18. Everyone upvote Germs comment lol
  19. The Echoes Network: A New Home For Vipers Players

    Wot, Germ tired of Communism? Now I've seen everything
  20. The Echoes Network: A New Home For Vipers Players

    It was rocky's idea to make the network communist to attract people, I just helped out a lot. Towards the end I was getting pretty tired of the theme since everybody seemed to think we were actually communist and not just communist themed.
  21. Echoes isn't a communist network thankfully
  22. The Echoes Network: A New Home For Vipers Players

    I recommend going outside once in a while. it makes the sun burn your eyes less.
  23. Endorcement revoked
  24. The Echoes Network: A New Home For Vipers Players

    Let the viper's lair meme die please, its been 4 months since the server closed. you guys are like immortal herpes on a dead man's corpse.
  25. I should also mention, we have a channel specifically for Vipers players on our Discord server. I heard some Vipers players had lost contact with one another and I think this presents a good opportunity for old friends to reunite! If you join the Discord, just @mention me and tell me you're from a Vipers server, and I'll add you to the Vipers channel. We're also on if you guys wanna read our official server advertisements: Echoes Survival: Echoes Hardcore: Echoes Globe: Echoes Snapshot: Echoes Trash:
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